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Role of Language tools in your website

Language translation tools can also contribute to the popularity of your website. Its most beneficial factor is that it provides the visitor of your website an option to translate it into different languages. So, if a person who doesn’t understands English (or your website’s language) can now still understand the content of your website. Another benefit of it is that you don’t actually require a language specialist to get your website translated. A simple JavaScript coding will do the rest. There are basically three main websites that offer this facility. With respect to popularity they are as follows:- Google Translate A very popular tool Google provides you with language translation flags. Although the links are dynamic. Google crawler may not index them. Google translate works well with blogger as well as any other website. The images are hosted by blogger only. By putting it on your website, you are providing your visitors a read made form for language translation. All they have

How to prevent a user from visiting your blog

In some circumstances, the webmaster of a website wants to block a visitor. Such cases arise when users are performing suspicious activities in their site/bog which can cause great problem to the security and privacy of the website. Fortunately, there is a method to solve this problem First of all you need a smart IP tracker such as Google Analytics , IP address , Statcounter . Now with the help of those trackers you may come to know when a visitor from where with which IP address visited your blog /site & how long was he toured your website. Now you can download all the logs(as an .xls file) and view your reports. If you find any suspicious , activity take immediate steps. If you are an ad sense publisher then you may send a mail to regarding the activities followed. upcoming post::role of language translation in your website Further, Stat counter has an feature, with which you can redirect particular IP-address(es) to another webpage. This

Webcounters or spys?

Today, everyone is eager to know how many times their websites have been visited & how much visitors they receive monthly.This led to the introduction of Web Counters.You all might have placed it in your website/blog.But have you ever wandered those Webcounters can even hack your website.Don't trust me ?I'll prove it to you.First of all they ask you to place a javascript code in your website.Javascript has no limitations!It can even destroy your complete website.If you own a website that deals with confidential issues or any Payment/Bank Organistion then please don't place a webcounter there.Web Counters can do anything right under your nose.If still you want to track your visitors,you should add Google Analytics to your blog.Although they also provide you with a javascript coding,its trustworthy.Web-Counters are also offered free.But have ever observed a link to the creater of the Webcounter,thus improving their visitors,Page Rank & Search Engine Listings.If you wa

ADsense Alternatives

People are often searching for Adsense alternatives when they either are banned from ADsense or they want to increase their incomes. Yahoo Publishers Network:: The Ads displayed are similar to what of Google.The only difference is Ads by Yahoo instead of Google.But you need to have a US Citizen card.This is only its beta version.The release date for full version isn't confirmed yet.But everyone can advertise in Yahoo. Application form Adbrite:: I chose it to earn more income[see bottom of page].It has some advantages like if you are using another ad serving network,you can merge it with Adbrite ads until you get a proper advertiser. Unlike Google Adsense,your site's keywords & Description will be added in ADbrite Directory.If an advertiser finds your site relevant for displaying his ads he can place customised ad with your prior permission.AD formats are fully customisable & you can even earn by reffering others to join ADbrite network like Adsense refferals.App

Google ways to drive traffic

You should place a link on your site to some much popular sites like .In this way when spiders come to your site they find a reciprocal link of a famous site.(The above method is a secret for easy Seach Engine submissions.I also tried the above method & succeeded). Then you could place your site's link and description on various discussion forums like orkut,Google groups,Yahoo groups so that new visitors come on your site.Update your site's content frequently inorder to provide fresh content to the visitors of your site so that they regularly come and visit your site. You may try adwords in which you have to pay per click on your ads which are displayed on site with adsense.Yahoo is also offering schemes in which you get a guaranteed indexing of your blog/site in Yahoo Web Search. Try google webmasters & Google Publisher tools in which you can check which pages are in google index,Submit your Site to Google,Control your site's traffic

Why did I choose blogger

STORAGE: you have a limit while you are using a free web hosting services like but you can post unlimited topics in blogger. BANDWIDTH: It has been observed that free hosting service providers often give a poor bandwidth to a sub domain.Whereas Blogger has a very high Bandwidth capacity.This therefore allows you to have unlimited visitors on your blog anytime! TEMPLATES: Many people are too lazy about creating their own templates.So blogger has also a solution to this.Unlike the old blogger,the new blogger is offering many good XML templates.All u need to do is to choose one of them & start posting.Don't worry you can also personalise your template[Like I have done] if u know a bit of XML & CSS.If u don't u can visit can even have some good one just by following these search terms in any search engine(without quotes)'free blogger templates'. GOOD SEARCH ENGINE LISTINGS: Blogger is in affiliation with Google.So definitely you

Your site in Google

Did you ever wonder how many pages of your site are in google,when did google last visited your website/blog,how many inbound links do u have or which page of your site/blog is realted to someone else's? Here is a simple trick to do with Google search box to find all of these. Enter your search terms Submit search form Type & it will give u the pages of ur site in Google will take u to ur site if there in Google & will display a small frame on the top of Google in which the date the crawlers last visited your site can be given will give inbound links of ur site(Don't be surprised if u don't have any! will give pages similar to ur site inGoogle's index If you don't find any result, then you may have to work very hard to get in there read moe about SEo in ur blog

Adsense for experienced

HOW TO BAN A USER? Many of us across some situations when a person is encouraging/forcing users to click on there ads.Now the question arises how to report it to google? there are 3 methods Easiest of all send a mail to give the subject as Invalid clicks & in the letter body describe how the website/owner is violationg Adsense terms of conditions.Don't forget to mail the violating site's URL. On the site which is violationg TOS click on ads by google (on top/bottom of each ad).Submit your feedback as reporting a violation and in the message give how the site violates TOS & give the URL of the site. If you are already an Adsense Publisher you may fill out the form on this link for instant action. I RECIEVED A MAIL NOTIFYING THAT MY ADSENSE ACCOUNT IS DIABLED You receive it only if you have violated TOS.You may reappeal for activation of your account but the chances are very low. HOW DOES GOOGLE BAN A USER? Google is smart enough .Here

Adsense eligible

Please pay attention to some things to make your application successful and to start as soon as possible. Google will inspect your website to make sure it confirms with the Google AdSense Program Policies. If this not the case your website will be rejected. Therefore it is important to be prepared before you apply. Among other things you should take attention to the following subjects before you go to open your Google AdSense account (if you work fast you may apply first and continue here afterwards because Google always takes a while to process your application): Make sure that your pages' content does not violate the Google AdSense Program Policies. The domain name of your website should confirm its subject. If possible don't use a free web space provider. It is most important that there is real content on your website. This means, that you don't have a chance if you only use keywords and links. Take care to prepare several pages with content that relates to your site

Get started with adsense

Google AdSense is probably the most successful advertisement program in the web. AdSense gives you the possibility to display advertisements on your website that correspond to your website's content with very little effort. Therefore your visitors feel comfortable with AdSense ads. You really can earn some income with Google AdSense. How much depends on several factors this website is going to inform you about. Actually profit chances start with a few bucks and go into some hundreds per month. You find examples for AdSense on this website and here. Each ad is located in an ad block. You can influence this ad blocks appearance very easily. An ad block is a combination of an ad's properties (e.g. type of ad, its format and colors) and its position on a page (e.g. on the menu or inside some text). Without Optimization – Earn Some Bucks If you like it simple and you don't really care how much profit your ads make you can display context sensitive ads with 3 easy steps: You

Complete Blogger guide

WHAT'S A BLOG? A blog is a short term for weblog.The popular blog host is blogger.In this we can make a web-page of our own with some pre-designed templates.All we have to do is post a message which we want to be there on the web-page HOW TO MAKE A BLOG? note*- I'm giving you guidance only for blogger First,go to & then click on make a new blog.For a blogger account you need to have a Google accout.If you don't have one then make it at Sign in to your google account then,chose the URl you want.All blogger users will get a * extension URl(eg: the URl & check it's availability.Try some unique name.Then chose a template.It's your wish which to choose. Then start posting your topics. Done. !!!!!!YOU HAVE SUCCESS FULLY CREATED A BLOG!!!!!!!!! What topics shall I post? Your topics should be matching to your blog's URL.I would prefer that you post in English &

Search Engine Optimization

good looking and user friendly website is an extremely important asset to your success on the Internet. However without traffic, even a well designed site will not produce results for you. The best websites are those that are both attractive and easy to use by your human users, and at the same time, convenient for the search engine robots that are trying to find and collect data from your site. Oftentimes a site that may look good to your eye has some design flaws that impair its search engine friendliness. Here are a few things to look for when designing new sites or optimizing an existing site. 1. Where does your first line of text begin? You may think, “that’s easy, the first line of text is right at the top?” If you view your web page using Notepad or the html view of popular editors you may be surprised to find that the first line of your actual searchable text may be pushed down, 100 lines or more, by long strings of java script and by the html code that defines your tables. T


Yes.this statement can be true as it is 40% of the current adwords subscriber's main objective is this only.Recently I was surfing the web.I saw a site with some ads.I visied the site of the advertiser.THere I saw two huge (ad)rectangles on top.In such a way that you needed t scroll down quite a bit to see what the content is.Even there we see a no. of targeted ads & many links.So I went through another advertiser's link.There I again saw that most of the main area of the page was covered by adsense in such a sense that users are forced to click on their ads.In this way the process carries on.But few advertiser s are also interested in selling their products instead of just putting in thousands of links which I think should is the right way.So subscribing to adwords does really mean just maximise your earnings by google adsense?Yes to some extent.Often surfers are bored just clicking on links but just not getting the desired material.This is obviously causing loss to a exte

Google Page Rank

Google Page rank what is it? Google page rank is an automated coding which is present in google toolbars.Its main specific feature is that it determines your site's placement in the whole web. It varies from 1/10 to 10/10. 0 page rank means your site is not recommended by Google. How is it calculated ? It is mainly calculated by the quality of links that are referring your site .(by others) How to increase your page rank? simple method! just try some link exchange programmes.Remember! the site you are referring to must have at least 1/10 page rank.In groups discussion(like in Google groups) leave your site's url as an address below your message. Be aware! Low quality links can also lower your page rank.If the site you are reffering to has zero page rank then you would be at loss!

How to get your website crawled in google web search

many people in recent times have been asking me this prob.So I decided to write an article for it. modify a bit first all you need to do is make a text rich website.As google crawlers only crawl text.Don't give images that importance!.Dont emphasis on layout . Links::they should be clean!in the sense,ther shouldn't be any overlaping on links.There should be distinct feature betweenthe ads n the links.(their color should'nt be matching) Site navigation should'nt be difficultIt means that, whatever page you are on your website,You should be able to navigate with the help of your links on any other page of your website.I recommend a menu for it.


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