Google ways to drive traffic

You should place a link on your site to some much popular sites like .In this way when spiders come to your site they find a reciprocal link of a famous site.(The above method is a secret for easy Seach Engine submissions.I also tried the above method & succeeded).

Then you could place your site's link and description on various discussion forums like orkut,Google groups,Yahoo groups so that new visitors come on your site.Update your site's content frequently inorder to provide fresh content to the visitors of your site so that they regularly come and visit your site.

You may try adwords in which you have to pay per click on your ads which are displayed on site with adsense.Yahoo is also offering schemes in which you get a guaranteed indexing of your blog/site in Yahoo Web Search.

Try google webmasters & Google Publisher tools in which you can check which pages are in google index,Submit your Site to Google,Control your site's traffic & much more

When you are done submit your site by clicking here.

Do not join any link exchange community like Link Market as Google does not appreciate such programmes.Also do not submit your site to any web search engine more than once in a month or else they would mark you as #SPAM#.
-updated:7 march/2007


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  2. Google and it's rules, I like the company and its products but their rules and regulations are just ridiculous most of the times.

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