Google Page Rank

Google Page rank

what is it?

Google page rank is an automated coding which is present in google toolbars.Its main specific feature is that it determines your site's placement in the whole web.
It varies from 1/10 to 10/10.
0 page rank means your site is not recommended by Google.

How is it calculated ?

It is mainly calculated by the quality of links that are referring your site .(by others)

How to increase your page rank?

simple method!
just try some link exchange programmes.Remember! the site you are referring to must have at least 1/10 page rank.In groups discussion(like in Google groups) leave your site's url as an address below your message.

Be aware!

Low quality links can also lower your page rank.If the site you are reffering to has zero page rank
then you would be at loss!


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