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Best online tool to relax your mind

While stumbling upon, I noticed a very nice little tool, so I thought to blog about it.Shark Break is simple online javascript & a funny tool, which helps your mind to relax.Before coming across this site, I was designing a web template and it had some little css error that was making the whole site looking crap.My mind was irritated.I was about to throw my monitor in the dustbin when a thought of stumbling struck my mind.First few sites were spam, this was the third one.Believe me, it is a very simple tool but it will definitely bring smile on your face and let your evil mind relax. It also has a mini version that can be integrated in social sites like Orkut, and even blogs.Just try out the mini version below!

View Alexa Traffic graph for any rank

Alexa data is still being used at many money making places like Text Link Ads, Review Me,Sponsored Reviews and so on.Alexa shows only graphs for those sites which rank above 100,000 (means any site below 100,000).Getting into top 100,000 is a quite difficult & time consuming process as Alexa calculates using an average of last 6 months. The current numbers for Webtalks are 231,570 .All I used to see when I visited the Alexa site was this embarrassing graph I did a bit of experimentation with my evil mind, and here I come up with a simple trick. Goto your Alexa traffic graphs page (you can use mine ).Then compare your site with another site of a nearby Alexa rank.For instance, I took .Enjoy your Graph! Related : Increase your Alexa Rank

Review of a Review Site

I was a bit surprised to see a Review Me review application (I normally receive from sponsored posts & smorty).Coming back to the review, this review is about another review site called Online casino blue book which has reviews on Top 10 Online Casino Sites.Being inexperienced in Casino business,I will review the field in which I am good at Design The Webmaster I think, has used Macromedia Dreamweaver for designing this site.It has a simple all text design.I think a site of this kind needs a design makeover from a quality Web Designer.There are few cheap ones out there.They may also consult a Logo designer as there present logo is of text and a such a wide used site requires to have its own trademarks.The above screenshot has been took by using Mozilla Firefox.However the border colors change while in IE.Why so? 40% net suers are using Firefox.The Firefox/IE problem would be for sure solved by a good designer Organization This website loses it here also.I can see 4 links from th

View the best review we had so far...

Thank you so much Charles Lau for reviewing Webtalks visually and that too free of cost! Charles Lau has an excellent screen casting software called HyperCam 2 with which he reviews the sites.Its really an awesome experience to watch how do my visitors behave when they visit the blog.Enjoy the 10 minutes video below.Infact, this is not the end he must have spent long time typing about Webtalks too, roughly about 400 words.To be frank, even I couldn't have done it that well. Jealous? Your blog too can have a decent video review but you need 10 paypal bucks from Charles. More details But from my opinion its worth more than that! We love you Charles Lau!

Make Mooney Online

Ever visited John Cow dot com ? What I say about them is that they are creative instead of a ripper.Just because of there creativity, they were featured on many high profile blogs like the link building blog. Now you got the reason why, all successful make money online blogs have evil marketings behind them... One more interesting fact is that this is the first blog that I read ahead of John chow dot com and infact I am writing this post ahead of the review of john chow dot com for winning A LCD monitor.Sounds John Cow is a blog on making money online and rank #29 in the top 100 make money online blogs without any PR! Actually this post is for an entry into their $500 cash giveaway contest whose deadline is the end of September.If you too are interested in earning big bucks you only have to write a post of 200 words like this one, link to with the anchor tag Web Hosting ,and a link back to the contest post . Thats real Making Money Online! What will I do with the

Did you miss the action? I did...

Over the past few days, our blog went without any updates, reason is I had few exams on head.Now, they are over but I'm expecting more of them soon.Incase you missed out, I'll just summarize what happened in the blogosphere in the last few days. Google adsense have anounced Adsense for mobile.A very useful feature for those websites who won't to monetize the mobile version of their website.I've not started yet with Adsense for Mobile because I am already using Feedm8 services to monetize the mobile version of Webtalks. Google Adsense have also anounced Google Gadget Ads.It goes just like video Ads.For that you need an advertiser whose using Google Gadget Ads feature with Adwords.Don't forget to enable image ads option. Yahoo bought Zimbra... Lots of cash involved John Cow, have launched a MillionEuroWiki similar to MillionDollarWiki on their success and look what, they 've already sold 25 pages.Now how about a MillionRupeeWiki ?Don't forget to have a l

Keyword Targeting- Patience & Planning

My Blog offers some blogger templates . I had included a link back to this blog so that visitors can know from where the template has been downloaded. The good reason, the page had a good SERP rating so my templates are being used at many blogs.Some of them are having high PR's. A thought about keyword targeting struck my mind when I saw my blog reactions in Technorati.First, I included a link back to the template post with different keywords on different templates.I got the keywords from the Google results itself for "blogger templates" . There are some other good sites targeting :"blogger templates" , to knock them of in the first page was quite a difficult task.So I started with smaller keywords like "new blogger templates" , "blogspot templates" & "3 column blogger templates".It took time for my post to get a decent ranking even with some 400 back links to the post itself.I also changes the default from "Download three

Are you Addicted to Blogging?

Recently a special show on NDTV attracted my mind.The topic was about Internet Addiction.Wikipedia defines Internet Addiction as A pattern of internet use, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress as manifested by three of the following occurring at any time in the same 12-month period: -1- tolerance, -2- withdrawal, -3- internet is often accessed more often or longer than intended, -4- there is a persistent desire or unsuccessful effort to cut down or control internet use, -5- a great deal of time is spent in activities related to Internet use, -6- Frequent talks about the Internet in daily life, -7- important family, social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced (3). Some people are addicted to IM services, some others are addicted to social networking sites like orkut & mypsace.Some love sharing emails while some can't live without Youtube videos.Some run after Internet Gaming.And many of them love blogging & reading blogs. Blog

Feedvertise on a blogger blog

You can easily sell off RSS ads if you are using self hosted Wordpress by Feedvertising program of Text Link Ads or can directly sell some text links in the your post bottom if you have got a wide RSS audience with a plugin. Blogger too has got a similar feature but involves a game playing with it.You need to go to Settings > Site Feed > Feed Item footer .And add the desired HTML in the Feed Item footer text area. Remember to redirect your feed to feedburner, enable post pages and a full site feed. You can also add Adsense for Feeds code here if you are participating in it. Remember  Adsense for content and Referrals ads will not show up using this trick. This method can also be used as a copyrights measure I have added a copyright message which includes a link back to this blog from where Technorati reactions tracker could be used. The copyright text is shown up in feed. And the the person who used my site feed to put the exact content is caught using the technorati track

Why Personal Blogging is a much better option

This week's twister.Tired of blogging for some bucks? why not try a personal blog.From my experience of personal blogging for 1 month, I'm feeling much excited blogging.Reasons? You don't think what to write   Things just go by and you blog them.Unlike these professional money making blogs where you need to think with an evil mind and write a unique and top notch post.Quite stressful to your little mind. Google.Who? Why should I care about my search engine listings? Or bite nails how much pagerank I will get after the next export {if it ever happens } .And now see, the condition of all "Pro" Bloggers, how they are sweating, running after each and every Google Data Center for just the slightest hint about their new pagerank after export.{which ill not happen this month for sure} Wordpress or Blogger? Why should I bother whether its is hosted on blogger or on wordpress?I just need a simple blogging software that lets me put my content in the web.And as the blo

Does your Blog needs a fresh look too?

Recently, some biggies' in the blogosphere had a brush on their blogs like Darren of Problogger and the most evil blogger ever,John Chow.which are the topic of these days discussions.The big question is Does your blog needs a extreme design makeover too? Some say its a 50-50 case.I say there are more advantages than disadvantages. Advantages of giving a fresh look We are humans. Its probably one of the most basic feature that you'll be bored with your design.You'll be more interested in tweaking the new layout rather than the old ones More Room. According to Google analytics,70% of my traffic uses 1024 x 768 resolution or above.There was no point to waste some precious space for the remaining 30 % who used the lower resolutions.Though while designing,I kept in mind that at least the post area is completely visible to the ones using the lower resolutions without scrolling horizontally.With more space you can of course get more Ad spots{every one wants bucks}.Moreover,

Site Report for August

Welcome to this month's edition of site report.From today onwards, I'll publish a site statistics and blog income report on the 1st of each month.So today's September, so here's the report According to analytics, We got round 10,000 impressions with around 6,000 unique visitors.Are top referral sources were Blog Income Report Adsense 30$ Kontera 2$ Text Link Ads{ aff. prog .} 25$ Template business 20$ Money4banners aff. prog 10$ Other 3 $ Which adds up to 90${actual figure{89.7 $} And one day, While checking my referral sites, I got some cool view.Who says we don't follow Google? Participate We need writers... We are one of the fastest growing weblogs.Advertising here won't give you nuts as we are expecting a high PR with 800 back links, Technorati rank of 800{we are going fast} and are continuously getting a better rank by Alexa.  As of now, the prices listed are very low indeed, because the PR update happens, I'll have qu