ADsense Alternatives

People are often searching for Adsense alternatives when they either
are banned from ADsense
or they want to increase their incomes.

Yahoo Publishers Network::
The Ads displayed are similar to what of Google.The only difference is Ads by Yahoo instead of Google.But you need to have a US Citizen card.This is only its beta version.The release date for full version isn't confirmed yet.But everyone can advertise in Yahoo.Application form

I chose it to earn more income[see bottom of page].It has some advantages like if you are using another ad serving network,you can merge it with Adbrite ads until you get a proper advertiser.
Unlike Google Adsense,your site's keywords & Description will be added in ADbrite Directory.If an advertiser finds your site relevant for displaying his ads he can place customised ad with your prior permission.AD formats are fully customisable & you can even earn by reffering others to join ADbrite network like Adsense refferals.Apply here

MSN Adcenter::
Well this is a coming soon section,so no detailed information available yet.But if you want to advertise on msn websites,Click here to apply.

Chtitika Minimalls::
It is giving decent reports.Chitika only approves those websites having Page rank or getting 10,000 + impressions per month to keep the interest of their advertisers.Accounts once disabled won't be further reactivated so be careful!.Click here to go to their official website more more information.Apply here

Feedbuner Ads::
Recently, it has gained popularity.Now famous bloggers are moving towards it{including me}.Its benefits are that it dosen't give the caption ads by feedburner,it displays a particular ad{relevent to your website/blog} only,allows you to choose your ad channels etc.Click here to apply

Amazon associates::
I preffered this scheme for my website.The reason your account dosen't get disabled!.Amazon first reviews your website,then if approved gives you ads of their products{can be customized by you} or a simple search engine of their products on your site[like Google Adsense or Search].If anybody buys any of the product,Amazon sends us a commission.Apply here


  1. Google Adsense is a very profitable program but there are times when its worthwhile to explore an Adsense Alternative. I am using PeakClick. PeakClick's goal is to make you as successful as possible in all your pay per click efforts. It offers its publishers the highest bids in the PPC industry, with their system set up to receive bid offers from 12 other companies, PeakClick can choose the highest paying offers and pass them easily to you. PeakClick also has some of the highest payouts. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue generated each month. PeakClick even has a three level affiliate program. You can receive 5% of the affiliate's income you refer, plus 2% of any affiliates they refer and 1% of any affiliates income the second tier of affiliates refer. PeakClick is rated as having some of the best technology available to serve relevant ads. This translates into higher click through rates and the ability to maximize revenue easier. Want more reasons to join, here are just a few: Sign up is free, Extremely easy to set up and implement, Real time statistics, One of the highest pay out rates in the industry (70%), One of the top affiliate programs (earn commissions on 3 separate sales levels), Get paid every 15 days, High quality customer service and technical support. Here You can register.

  2. It is not true that chitika only accepts application from blogs that have more than 10000 visitors..

    how did you get that information by the way.. and it is not true that you need to be a US citizen for applying to Yahoo publisher network. you need to have a valid social security number

    It is true but that you need have a high amount of traffic to get into yahoo publisher network

  3. For someone claiming to be tech-savvy and posting about AdSense Alternatives(most if not all your information is incorrect or out of date) I am very surprised to see that all you have is AdSense Ads.

    You are losing a fair amount of money by not offering popular ads.Top publishers claim you should have at least three different ad sources on every page.

    Blogs are the worst place for AdSense,as you have reader with a wide range of interest,but by only offering Contextual Advertising you are limiting your ads to one very small market.

    You haver a good idea here-but you really need to check facts and do an update-

    Also it seem to me as if I have read the exact same "reviews" on other sites-people deserve honest and fair reviews from people with actual experience when trying to decide on AdSense Alternatives.

    Thanks you

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