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Hint to our Riddle Contest #2

So.. it was a bit tough? because most of the people couldn't figure it out, the second hint to our Riddle contest#2 You need to follow link You may visit source Hope this makes it all the more clear The winner will get an exclusive free blog review {including linkback}

Webtalks Contest #2

As I promised, here's the second contest. The winner of course gets a free blog review on Webtalks with a linkback. "You need to go to the link page on my googlepages" Hint:You can find my googlepages account in my templates post Then follow the instuctions Another interesting info, we have got into the top 10,000 Tchnorati Blogs and are currently ranked 5,000 cool? .. looks like template business is gaining popularity But we are hungry for more

Buying/Selling Links? Google May ban you from their indexes

This is true, a wake up call for all those who are earning by selling or buying links. This all those participating in Advertising Programs like Text-Link-Ads. This is an effort to stop buying Google Pagerank which is mainly based on incoming external links. The paid links reporting form is directly available in the dashboard of Google Sitemaps How will Google punish? A complete exclusion from Google´s SERPs is only one possible consequence of a spam report. Google might also choose to give a site a " yellow card " so that the site can not be found in the index for a short time. However, if a webmaster ignores this signal, then a " red card " with a longer-lasting effect might follow. So it's possible that Google is already aware of an issue and communicating with the webmaster about that issue, or that they have taken action other than a removal on a spam report. Are you the first to be punished? You can still send your Application for reconsideration But you

Check your back links in Live Search, Yahoo Web Search

Google recently updated its site links Google Webmaster tools{Sitemaps} which it does monthly.Not surprisingly my back links were some 1043. I had a quick look on Yahoo Site explorer results.{Backlinks 789}. But according to Google Web Search, my backlinks range around 50 thats because Google Linking Index only displays those pages which are previously having a Page rank. I was pretty excited about viewing my back links in Live{MSN} Search. But unfortunately, Live search have disabled the old "link:" operator due to abuse of their technology and Yahoo Web search automatically redirects you to the Yahoo Site Explorer when you use "link:" operator I received an anonymous tip in my mailbox that we can also view back links in Live Search by just changing the keywords.Have a look at this Replace with Where webtalks.blogspot is your blog/site. Don't change Now view your results i

The riddle is Solved

Today is the day for me giving you the second hint for solving out the riddle in our first riddle contest. But the riddle was already solved by the webmaster of tech4novices 24 hours before. If you missed it, here’s how to solve it Thecash.fino The three repeating alphabets were from my name{Post Author} Ash wini Now give numbers to alphabets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 T h e c a s h . f i n o Now arrange these alphabets in order 5 6 7 1 3 4 2 9 10 8 11 Which Gives Cool? But may be you lost a golden opportunity. But don’t lose heart. I will continue such contest(s). And the next being on 25th of June .So make sure you visit Webtalks on regular basis. Now as per promise the blog review… Tech4novices Tech4novices ,authored by Nauzer Elavia is a blog published via FTP and hosted on a custom domain.With Good use of Feedburner Roatating Headlines Started on May 20 Using Minima white HTML template which suits 800 x 600 Screen Resolution Possibly using Google Apps. Suggesti

Webtalks Riddle Contest

Marking the 500 Technorati blog reactions , I have to give you something in return.So here it is.. my first contest. There will be only one winner who wins, A free Blog review from Webtalks{Adsense postionaing,Design,Content..} A link from Webtalks{PR 3} with Anchor tag of his choice If he wants, a guest post on Webtalks So whats the contest? I have bought a domain from Godaddy.All you have to do is to solve the riddle below which indicates the URL of that domain. thecash.fino Hint:three alphabets are posted in every post If nobody is able to solve the riddle by 13 June.Next Hint would be given If you have solved the riddle.Go to my domain.There you will find a five digit code, Gmail it to me with your details or leave back a comment.The one who solves it first wins

Is Google the only source for your Search Engine Traffic?

SEO, everybody is running after it. But does the Search Engine here referred is only Google? In recent days, I have got lot of visitors from Google Search looking for blogging tips. My site is well ranked in Google. But my next concern was that I am getting traffic only from Google whereas my site is indexed by almost all reputed search engines like Live Search and Yahoo. I knew that both Yahoo and Live Search gave most importance the blog age. Webtalks now is almost 4.5 months old. I knew crawlers index content when we have got in-links. An interesting observation I made that despite getting some 600 Inlinks according to Yahoo Siteexplorer, only the homepage of blog was indexed by Yahoo Search. Yahoo Search crawlers were for some reason not following links on the root page of blog. Then I tried a method called Deep Linking.I tried to link to previous posts of mine through related links using different keywords. Also then I encouraged bloggers to link to full post URL instead of ho

Using Conditional Tags with New Blogger Templates

You might have noticed a strange thing in my new template. If you visit the home page of this blog, then there aren't Adsense Ads between post title and post body but when you visit Itempage { Page with one Post }, you get an Adsense Ad rectangle between the post title and post body. I have mentioned an introduction in Display your backlinks with New Blogger templates but now I’ll be giving you a in depth analysis of Conditional Tags in New Blogger{Blogger beta} templates Understanding Conditional Tags The old blogger also used to support the conditional tag ,i.e, itempage. Anything wrapped inside these tags will be displayed only on the itempage. & now we use the New Blogger which also supports conditional tags, a bit different though <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'> </b:if> A bit complicated? We’ll make it easy. Lets have a sample if else condition If john studies, he passes else he fails Now lets have a second look on the code <b:

Display your backlinks with New Blogger Templates

Some comments,some Emails asking me how to display backlinks with new blogger templates that my site offers. By default, I have turned of "links to this post" in my templates, if you want to just make it visible {whichever template you may be using}, follow these steps.. 1.Goto Page Elements Section of your Layout and then click on the link which edits your blog post widget 2.Mark the "Links to this Post"as checked. Remember you can also drag your "Links to this post" link across your sample blog post according to your relevance 3.Save changes, and then view your template. Again there would be a bit confusion.On the main page of your blog,there would only be a "link to this post" line after each post. Wheras if you view only those pages with one post{Itempage}, It will also give the Post titles and link to the linking posts.This feature is used by conditional tags in old blogger... Itempage in new blogger.. b:if cond='data:blog.pageType =

How can a small/new blogger earn instantly?

My inbox was overloading with mails from small/new bloggers asking can they make money out of their new/small blog.As we all know Payperpost requires a blog to have a decent pagerank, but that is so not possible for a blogger who has just started. If you are one of the blogger who's site is read by a wide audience despite the fact that your Alexa score is high and PR still 0, you can still get paid for blogging by a service called Smorty. Smorty is a blog advertising service from where advertisers can advertise on blogs via sponsored posts but pay the blogger only when they find it of decent quality .The best part is that its still a new organization, so there isn't much flooding of bloggers and competition is not that stiff as on PayPerPost.Your blog can easily make most of out it.You do a honest sponsored post, your post is approved and then money in your PayPal account.Price of an average post is 6$.That means for one sponsored post you get 6 $ within a week and you are

We are looking for "Good" Writers

Hi everyone out there.Over the past few days I was burdened with my template change.I spent nearly 3 hours a day for it only.Now as it is Webtalks has got some popularity in the past few days: - Got the Blog of the day award -Featured at Indian Blogger List at Digital Inspiration by our very own Amit So an idea of guest blogging suddenly ticked my mind.If you think you are an able person to write for Webtalks, come forward. You should be having a established blog and the blog post topic can be any of the following:: Internet: Burning Topics Blogging tips/hacks Software reviews Web application reviews ... Any thing from the Tech Side For participating in this guest blogging, simply leave behind your details as a comment or simply Gmail me,i.e, Name Blog URL Blogging experience{passion/hobby/full time} In return, you will get a backlink and an oppurtunity to place your Adsense ad on the main page of this blog.

Webtalks is changing

If technorati can have two design makeovers , Google simultaneously testing its Web 2.0 Design why can' your {expected} favorite blog, Webtalks have something special ? Today, 2 June Webtalks have gone through its first design makeover. Possible Reasons I felt embarrassed when I used to design templates for others and keep a simple one for my blog I was terribly bored with it Sidebar continued to drop despite efforts in IE 6 Too messy! My Summer break has started ! So now don't be shocked to see some mind-blowing or some rubbish{depends on point of view} things New features added A rating option for each post Planned: Summarized posts IS a New blogger Xml Template. No Buggy ads between posts { in main page] A bit neat and no sidebar dropping in IE Don't worry, you too can have a new blogger Xml template like this, or even more cool from here