Why did I choose blogger

you have a limit while you are using a free web hosting services like 50webs.com but you can post unlimited topics in blogger.

It has been observed that free hosting service providers often give a poor bandwidth to a sub domain.Whereas Blogger has a very high Bandwidth capacity.This therefore allows you to have unlimited visitors on your blog anytime!

Many people are too lazy about creating their own templates.So blogger has also a solution to this.Unlike the old blogger,the new blogger is offering many good XML templates.All u need to do is to choose one of them & start posting.Don't worry you can also personalise your template[Like I have done] if u know a bit of XML & CSS.If u don't u can visit w3schools.org.You can even have some good one just by following these search terms in any search engine(without quotes)'free blogger templates'.

Blogger is in affiliation with Google.So definitely you'll get a better coverage in Google Search Engine{if u have optimized}.Whereas have u ever seen a free site or a sub domain listed on the first page of Google search result?{I mean the chances are very low}.If u don' trust me then u can search for 'Webtalks' in Google & you'll see this blog's listing

The new blogger has been well supported with Google AdSense.You can directly choose one of format and color{that are relevant to your blog}.Now need to being wondering with those javascript codings!

built in links,atom feed,Archive,post feeds ,labels,Drag and Drop add grace to all this.

You can't upload any file ,photo or video[for customized templates].You can either choose flickr or Picasa for your web image hosting{u have to pay for flickr}


  1. Flickr basic is free but the bandwidth is limited. Flickr also prefers you use it as a photo-networking site rather than a simple photo storage place.

  2. I think youtube and photobucket is also good for using video.

  3. I believe that the video and photo problems is the mayor setback of Blogger, but other than that it is just one of the best ways to get a good setting

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