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Webtalks Pagerank 5

Greetings.Google today, rolled out the snapshot of current pagerank.This blog is getting a PR of 5 this time.This is a good jump from PR 3 which had been there for quite long.Surprisingly, this time there was no BackLink export, but who cares? Its party time here as I have over taken some top-notch blogs like john chow(4) and dosh dosh(4). This update is accompanied by the feed chicklet getting into 3 digits.Currently, it is showing 101 readers.Thank you for subscribing to the feed and if you haven't yet, please do so:they are fast and ad free The secret Nothing.Avoid too many links on home page.Get relevant quality backlinks.Focus on content quality more than on PR and last but not the least follow Google Webmaster guidelines . The Webtalks Effect I'm not going to talk about traffic.Its about a single site wide link on my blog which linked to the domain( ), I bought few months back.The result? Its now Pagerank 4.You can check, its not even indexed by Yahoo! See ho

Widgetbucks outperforms AdSense

WidgetBucks , a newly launched monetizing service is these days gaining popularity as a worthy AdSense alternative.Officially, you can call it that WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help their customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Thus they are highly engaging, which means instant dollars for our customers. I was keen to know how it performs on my blog.I implemented a skyscraper few days back, and the results, well, it outperformed AdSense who had that spot before.The 25$ sign up bonus adds spice to the whole program. The Ads had a visitor attracting animation but unfortunately, the loading of this blog got double.I wasn't alone in this problem.Soon they announced fast loading widgets.Though, its better now but still below perfect.Soon, they came up with a new format, 300 x 150 which perfectly flushes in my sidebar.The loading time is now half of what it used to be earlier.T

Lets prove Google we are promising publishers

I was a bit sleepy today.I used to check my AdSense earnings on every odd day since I was in the nervous nineties. today, when I logged in, I felt happy that my gross earnings are now in 3 digits( for some of you, you can do so in a day) but for me its a good experience to be there for the first time. Now, as I have crossed the minimum payout limit, I want to be nice with them.Earlier I was a naughty chap creating hundreds of channels and changing ad placement almost daily.I want to prove that this blog is visited by a high quality traffic.The best way to do so is to put up referral Ad units instead of the normal AdSense for Content Ad units. I'll be going for non-Google referral 2.0 Ad units.Recently they implied a limitation on first few successful conversions done by a publisher.So far I have done one only one successful conversion.They will be probably remove the limitation once I do 5 more to to enable me full payments. I'll be replacing the most visible Ad unit, the po

Should you Digg or Sphinn it?

The Digg effect, everyone's familiar with it.Just in case you don't know, being brief, it will bring just around 30,000 hits if you somehow get on the first page.But with millions of blogs out there looking for the same, your chances are low unless you are blogging live or have a got an ultra creative post up on your blog. Sphinn on other hand is a quite new social site out there.Their about page defines it as A social site for search and interactive marketers. It's designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, discover events of interest and network with others. In short a BINGO for make money online blogs like Webtalks Sphinn uses almost the same scripts as digg and has nothing new as a social site but it's biggest advantage is its topics.For digg, if I have to submit a article about Google AdSense, I dump it in the Tech Industry News section.Fortunately, Sphinn has a special directory dedicated to AdSense itself.

Anything new?

Quite a few things have been happening in the blogosphere.I'll just sum them up. Today's Blog Action Day when bloggers write to promote environment.My contribution is today I wrote a poem on a chart for my class soft board on Nature title "leisure" by William Henry Davies.Its a good one. AdSense team has blogged about a quality control over the inventory by placing a restriction for publishers monetizing Displaying non-Google referrals.In this case, you'll just earn a little less than the price you get for a successful conversion for the first few times, after which you'll earn normally.If you don't display Google AdSense referral 2.0 ads , its out of your business.This happened just a few hours after I received my first successful conversion :) Webtalks has been experiencing a poor posting frequency over th past few days.The reason is here.I was busy with the launch of another Tech Blog, And now I'm proud to announce that we just launched the A

Make Money Online with Tnx

With Google reducing pagerank of sites selling links (Eg .Stanford Daily) the Link business has a got a big threat from it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Google is strictly against paid links or in Google terms “selling PR” .Probably, this is the reason why the Pagerank export hasn’t happened for over a five months now. But the subject of our today’s post is about another Web service called TNX which lets advertisers buy links and thus improve search engine rankings and publisher generate revenue from his site by selling links, but in a different manner with a mission to Assist website owners in attracting targeted visitors and clients from search engines and relevant websites. Reduce the dependence on search engines. Improve quality of the search results for those websites that join TNX system. Increase the income of every webmaster who joins TNX system. The working TNX combines the benefits of Contextual Advertising, Text Link Brokers and Relevant Exchange of permanen

Is Google facing Hacking Threat?

The big G seems to have landed under trouble.My newspaper daily, Times Of India reported that Picasa, Gmail, Blogger and the search engine itself are vulnerable.Indian Computer Emergency Response team has warned users against a virus called "googbot" It has been observed that a mass-mailing worm named Googbot is circulating in the wild. It propagates by exploiting software vulnerabilities. The worm has its own SMTP engine to send mass e-mails. It harvests the e-mail addresses from the infected system and sends malicious e-mails to the collected addresses. The e-mail body contains a malicious link which entice the users to click upon using social engineering technique. The e-mail contains the following : Subject : (any of the following) Someone has sent you a Private Message! You have just recieved a NEW message! You have (1) NEW messages! Body : (any of the following)

How many jackpots does your inbox win everyday?

They are OK in the SPAM section but what will you do if you win millions or maybe even more than that twice or thrice a day.As a normal blogger, I've left my email address at countless places causing automated messages to be sent directly into the inbox.You cannot do anything instead of reporting as Spam but that won't be much effective as such SPAMMERS can riddle the basic algorithm Basic Characteristics of Such Emails Text would be bold and capitalized Urgent Claim required Fake Email IDs Reply to different email address than the one which actually sent that message Your information such as Name,Address,Age,Contact Number,Age,Occupation,Nationality required What next? I took up the challenge and did as directed.Not to mention, I gave all false information.Then their Email came saying that my money is in ***** Bank with **** Account number.As a security, they would be requiring some money (they asked for 4,000$) for smooth transaction.Their intentions were clear.They had just

Site Report For September

Its the first month after holidays, but with a day less.So here's my site report Statistics We got 10,486 pageviews according to analytics by 7,289 visitors .Interestingly Adsense Dashboard says we got 11,140 pageviews while statcounter says we got 9,000 pageviews! Google Organic Search continues to dominate the referring source while most visitors were from United States and were after Templates! We have done pretty well in Technorati as we currently rank #400 Blog Income Report Adsense :31$ Test Link Ads :25$ Template business :20$ Kontera :1$ (lolz) Which adds upto 77$ .Ther has been a certain dip from the previous income report reason being I have removed 2 Adsense Ad units.Adsense has displayed consistence performance while I managed to refer one advertiser to the TLA network.I have done 2 design makeovers 15$ and 5$ respectively.While Kontera has been a poor perfomer. I am thinking of removing Kontera from this site, its