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Google AdSense is probably the most successful advertisement program in the web. AdSense gives you the possibility to display advertisements on your website that correspond to your website's content with very little effort. Therefore your visitors feel comfortable with AdSense ads.

You really can earn some income with Google AdSense. How much depends on several factors this website is going to inform you about. Actually profit chances start with a few bucks and go into some hundreds per month.

You find examples for AdSense on this website and here. Each ad is located in an ad block. You can influence this ad blocks appearance very easily. An ad block is a combination of an ad's properties (e.g. type of ad, its format and colors) and its position on a page (e.g. on the menu or inside some text).

Without Optimization – Earn Some Bucks
If you like it simple and you don't really care how much profit your ads make you can display context sensitive ads with 3 easy steps:

You apply for Google AdSense (look here, too).
You include the AdSense HTML code on your website.
You wait for Google to send you a check .
With Optimization – Earn More Bucks
If you want have some more bucks in your pocket you should read and apply the tips and tricks on this website.

There are basically 3 ways to use Google AdSense on your website:

As an alternative to using banner ads
As a replacement for existing banner ads
As a complement to existing banner ads.
It is not generally possible to tell whether you should use Google AdSense by itself or accompanied by other banner ads. In general follow these 3 basic rules: try, try and try.

AdSense for Search
is an additional method to place ads on a website. This type of ads if very often ignored by webmasters, even though it can be very successful.

A small search form is placed on the corresponding page. The user may enter search terms into this form very similar to Google's search site. A list of results with clickable ads will be displayed.

Channels serve as a basis for reports.

They are definitely needed to produce meaningful reports. Google distinguishes between two different kinds of channels. You can configure and access them on your AdSense user area.

The first kind is called URL Channels.
URL channels are used to track the efficiency of one ore more pages of your website. The amount of pages analyzed depends on the given URL. Only a URL that leads to a single page will result in a report that relates to exactly one page. A partial URL will always result in a report about all pages available below this URL. As a consequence you can get a report about a complete website by specifying its top level domain.

Using URL channels the smallest reportable element is a single page of your website – not very helpful if you want to optimize your ads.

URL channels are useful if you want to get an overview about your whole website's success or if you want to compare the results of single pages.

There is information how to create URL channels here.

Most of the time I use Custom Channels
to find out how successful my ads are, because only with these I can define exactly what information I need about which ad. I assign a separate channel to each ad block. This has the advantage, that I get detailed information how successful each ad on my website is. Only from this detailed information I'm able to learn which ad is successful or which one has to be changed, improved or deleted if it doesn't do it.


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