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Milestone: Webtalks in Technorati Top 1000

Thank you all my readers for giving webtalks the honour to be in Technorati Top 1000.We are currently ranked 977, with an authority of 1,570 .So that means , if you need to accompany me, we have to get some 1,500 cool links.To be frank, I wasn't that surprised to be at this position because our site offers templates.I had planned we'll reach there by this month, so here we are.To get in Technorati top 100. we'll require an authority of around 4000 which I estimate we'll get in November/Decemeber 2007 .  So are we a A-Lister ?There is no valid definition when a blog is an A- Lister.But I think Webtalks isn't quite there as it is in its developing stage.I don't know about A-Lister but we'll definitely be at respectable position by the end of 2007.Next Milestones ?Well you may be surprised to know that still we aren't in Alexa top 100,000 .So that's my next aim.Simultaneously Feedcount is also heading towards the 100 mark.And ofcourse... This screen sh…

Make your weblog mobile

Do you have a mobile version of your blog?No. This was the most voted answer in a poll a conducted by me for all bloggers. Let us suppose you have got a mobile with Internet connectivity{might be with GPRS}. You want to browse through your favorite blogs. A default mobile browser {like Opera for Nokia} removes all the style elements from the weblog to make it easily viewable in mobiles.I was not too pleased with the kind of page is displayed of my blog without CSS.I was looking for a service that lets me customize my mobile blog page.Then, someone from the Feedm8 team shot me an email about their service.CustomizationFeedm8 lets you create a mobile page hosted on their domain to with easy customization.It displays my {summarized} blog feed instead of the complete page which displays only desired information.You can also change the text , link color...MonetizationYou can earn money from RSS in two ways1.Feedvertise or monetize via Post Level Ads provided by Text Link Ads.This is only f…

Wrap Adsense in Blogger Blog posts

Recently, Blogger team have added an widget for displaying Adsense after each post.The implementation is simple Log into your Blogger account at . Visit your blog's Template tab and click on the Page Elements link. Click Edit in the Blog Posts section.
Check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you'd like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.
Customize the ads and click on Save Changes when you're done.This can be a good opportunity for the non-geeks to increase their Adsense earnings.But as you know, I have already published a tutorial about placing Adsense Between Blogger Posts much before.I'll show you a comparison between the both of the featuresThe widget will place your ad only after post is over but with my tutorial you can place Adsense Ad units between post title and post body of any blogger blog The widget permits only Adsense for content.With my hack, you can p…

Thank you...

But Why? This is the 100th post of our weblog, Webtalks.Webtalks began its journey on Feburary 27, 2007 and in just about 7 months, I'm writing the hundredth post of this weblog.Webtalks isn't in any of the major blog network.Moreover, My starting budget was 0$.So I didn't advertise ,the blog took a lot of time to get a decent rank and a distinct name in the blogosphere.Still, there is a long way to go.I still remember the day, when somebody offered me 20$ for buying my blog and I almost said yes until my sister advised me to be a bit patient and I'll earn triple of that amount in a month.Remember,your hardwork pays and I was quite sure that my hardwork is not worth 20$.But the real motivators were you, all readers reading this blog via RSS, all visitors reading this post on blog, all 2600 blogs which considered linking to me , Search Engine bots like Googlebot who puts my content on their indexes and gives me some visitors, Google's technology which gave away a …

iPhones- the most wanted amongst techies

These days iPhones are popular amongst techies.Even I want one, but as it is, it has not been launched in India yet.Moreover,the price tag with it make me sweat as blog income is only around 80$/month .How about winning a one in a simple blog contest?I have come across two of them, which gives you are free iPhone if you win

First one is being organized by AskReaMoar.All you need to do is link to his blog homepage, contest page, and any article authored by him which you like the most.Deadline for entering is August 31 .I didn't visited his blog before so I went over to the top posts and read over is Harry Potter and the Root password post, and enjoyed, as I too am a crazy potter fan.
What will make me win?
Be creative, socialize your post as much as possible and count your luck{though I think cow is dominating with his milk}

As far as creativity is concerned, she already has given 3 examples pics.I have recently learned some Web 2.0 effects.So I had my brush up in photoshop and the r…

Why Updating Blog on Sunday makes sense

Sunday,a holiday..Almost all regular probloggers hate updating their blogs on Sunday.They prefer taking a break.But at the same time we, part time bloggers are free from their regular jobs.Over the last few days, I have observed that my traffic dips on Sundays.Reason being, even I used to take a break.To maintain,my traffic I planned to post on Sunday .And the result, I get the regular traffic.This traffic I was sure, would go to a major blog if it would have been updated.Not only this, most teenagers and the ones who are taking higher education are most of time online on Sundays which sometimes also gave a boost to my traffic from search engines like technorati.who ranks according to freshness.You may write a whole post just before the week end and then post on sunday with which you'll enjoy both the things.Adding to this, when I post on sunday, and any reader of mine opens his account on monday, he'll first of all read my feed.Also, Google almost crawls my site daily.If I po…

Your blogger profile is now socialized

Blogger team has added a  new feature, this time in user's profile pages. They have added  universal search of the interests, hobbies, etc. similar to orkut's universal search.This way bloggers can find bloggers blogging with similar interests.Furthermore, the rankings in the result page would be in order of most freshly updated blogs instead of popular blogs which is somewhat like Technorati search which will sort out so called "lazy bloggers".So go ahead, share your interests... you may start from my profile

Integrate Live Writer with New Blogger{Beta}

Recently, as many of you must be knowing, I've started publishing via Windows Live Writer on my Blogger.It saves me a lot of time, as I am using a slow Internet connection.somebody advised me to use Live Writer, so I downloaded it.Since its downloading there has been many glitches until its finally installed.I was looking for help on web but didn't get how to sort it out.So I am writing this post to provide a quick and easy guide how to make Live Writer work with New Blogger {Blogger beta}Download the latest version Install it Done !It wasn't although these two steps involved some glitches, I'll point out some solutions of common errors Windows Live Writer requires the latest .Net Framework {above 1.1}.You can download ver. 2 from here[Size 22.5 MB] Windows Live writer requires latest Windows Installer.Can be downloaded from hereThese all steps will finally run your installation but after some time, you'll get stuck up some where it asks you the Remote posting U…

Get tri-coloured

Why not?when Google...Orkut...Yahoo... so why not Webtalks...Happy Independence Day to all Indians reading my blog

Contest: Win a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well here is a contest for you all.I had planned to hold it after the July/August Pagerank update but it seems like Googlers are having a sleep.Now what you can win is a free copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.It was released last month, but if you are a potter fan and could only read in a library or by borrowing, here is a cool offer.Even if you don't know who Harry Potter is, you can keep this book as an example of outstanding imaginative power of Human Being.Also, it is the fastest selling book ever in history, have your oneI  had preordered two books , so I can give away one to any Indian if he wins.If you are of other nation, we'll use a local dealer or AmazonHOW TO ENTER?I can understand that some of my readers can't review my blog {this system is popular these days} so I have got something for them also.OPTION 1- Subscribe to our Rss feed {or by email} .Where you'll get something in the post footer which will only be visible in your reader/inbox. Tell …

When your server is down...

Recently, My ISP's server crashed.That was the reason I couldn't update this blog.Connecting to even twitter was impossible.As I am a blog addict (and many of you are), I was frustrated.So I thought instead of complaining after every 5 minutes, lets utilize the time as I have already ensure that the new server would be installed soon.Below are few things I did offline Take a Break
You've blogging daily for a week or even a month or maybe even a year.Taking a break from blogging and enjoying the environment will keep your mind fresh.This will automatically result in fantastic post ideas coming in your brain Be neat
My room's a mess.It was stinking very badly until I spent a whole day in it.Now I'm feeling good, comfortable and enjoying my time in my room. Upgrade your system
Offline for 5 days meant I have installed some cool software.I've also upgraded to Vista.I have upgraded my Live Writer and I'm publishing through it for the first time.I'm getting m…

Advertising Made Easy

Welcome to the Advertising section of our blog. You may choose any any option to get your service endorsed. There is no limitation on the advertising term. We don’t accept Adult Ads. Payments by PayPal only.

There is a reason why you should go ahead advertising on this blog

• Webtalks receives 150 – 200 unique visitors in a day [to view Statcounter stats click here].Webtalks was created in Feburary 2007 and since then traffic inflation per month is 20 %.

• Webtalks also offers blogger templates. These templates are downloaded ~ 100 times a day. Technorati reports that we get ~10 new oneway backlinks everyday and an authority of ~300 per month. Webtalks has a Technorati authority of 1500 so far and is currently in its top 100 blogs out of 90 million. Much more details in Advertising option 5

• Webtalks has a PR of 3

• Traffic Webtalks receives is much targeted, most from Google. Most Visitors are from USA, UK, India ,Argentina, Canda {according to alexa}.

• Webtalks offers ful…

Haloscan- The new blogger onsite comment form

I've been wondering around on the web to look for an service that provides script for commenting on new blogger blogs.Reason: to comment, you have to click on an external link,first sign in {if you aren't} then retype then fill in CAPTCHA {if enabled}.This is a very time consuming and irritating process.On the other hand, Wordpress blogs have on site comment forms which invites more and more readers to comment, easily.

I came across a few sites, but their scripts weren't successful.Then finally I came across that provides
Onsite comment forms for new blogger

Installation wizard for different blogging platforms {including both versions of blogger} so no play of code here
Integrated support for smileys{blogger doesn't support them} and an image uploading option [even wordpress doesn't provide free image hosting for comments]
Track back Included
Recent Comments widget
Getting email address of the commenter!I have just signed up but not installed it as my previou…

Want a fake Google Pagerank

Recently I came across a new term Fake Google PR. When I read about it, I thought it as a joke but when it worked, I was shocked. Crackers have done it again! Didn’t spare Google Pagerank. With fake Pagerank you can get a PR the toolbar displays on your site of your choice. This is good enough to fool an advertiser. You can find the steps how do it below{thanks to black hat seo){But I don’t recommend doing so}

1. Buy a domain{don’t experiment on established one}.

2. 301 Redirect the domain either in you .htaccess, PHP header (anything server side) to a page with the desired page rank. It’s better to redirect to something relevant. For example, if you are doing a mortgage site, redirect to a mortgage site.
for php the code is:
header(”HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

3. Link to the page with the redirect from another of your sites that gets regularly spidered by Google. Since you use the Alexa Toolbar, you should have several…

Add framez' to your digtal photographs

Digital frames is an online electric store which has specializing in LCD {Liquid Crystal Display} digital photo frames.Adding a wonderful 7",8",9" or a 10" digital frame will surely add new life to your digital photos.Their working is simpleAll frames are compatible with JPEG, MP4, DivX, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV formats. Besides your pictures, you can also view movie clips that have been taken with your camera, even play music in the background.
The standard, Five-in-one Card Reader supports CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. In addition, there is also a USB 2.0 connection for maximum compatibilityWith the built-in stereo speakers, you don't need any extra cables to plug an external speaker. However all products have 1/8'' headphone out for more private use.
The infrared remote control (included with the price) offers an easy access to the settings and preferences of your photos.
Movie clips, beautiful songs playing in background will surely make you en…