Webcounters or spys?

Today, everyone is eager to know how many times their websites have been visited & how much visitors they receive monthly.This led to the introduction of Web Counters.You all might have placed it in your website/blog.But have you ever wandered those Webcounters can even hack your website.Don't trust me ?I'll prove it to you.First of all they ask you to place a javascript code in your website.Javascript has no limitations!It can even destroy your complete website.If you own a website that deals with confidential issues or any Payment/Bank Organistion then please don't place a webcounter there.Web Counters can do anything right under your nose.If still you want to track your visitors,you should add Google Analytics to your blog.Although they also provide you with a javascript coding,its trustworthy.Web-Counters are also offered free.But have ever observed a link to the creater of the Webcounter,thus improving their visitors,Page Rank & Search Engine Listings.If you want to see how many users are driven to your website then you must me interested in Google Webmaster tools.If you still can't manage without a webcounter,I can reccomend Statcounter for your website which is a bit safer.
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