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Blogger introduces inline comment form

The most annoying feature of blogger, the commenting system, has been finally been looked upon by the blogger team as it pushes out much desired inline comment forms out of the draft version of blogger. Good move, I would say though and as I anticipated, this would create a bit of mess for people like me who completely revamped their widget templates.With the help of some html tweaks, thankfully this blog now runs inline comment forms which I hope will increase the participation of those lazy people who simply hated that popup If you too are running a heavily modified template, following html tweak might work for you Important : I'm giving directions for widget templates and not for classic templates First of all follow basic instructions given on blogger blog.Check your post page, if comment form is visible then no problems, but if not, then the following steps may help you out. Step 1: Open your dashboard , Follow the Layout link, Select Edit HTML Step 2: Backup your