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Please pay attention to some things to make your application successful and to start as soon as possible. Google will inspect your website to make sure it confirms with the Google AdSense Program Policies. If this not the case your website will be rejected. Therefore it is important to be prepared before you apply. Among other things you should take attention to the following subjects before you go to open your Google AdSense account (if you work fast you may apply first and continue here afterwards because Google always takes a while to process your application):

Make sure that your pages' content does not violate the Google AdSense Program Policies.
The domain name of your website should confirm its subject. If possible don't use a free web space provider.
It is most important that there is real content on your website. This means, that you don't have a chance if you only use keywords and links.
Take care to prepare several pages with content that relates to your site's subject. Each page should deal with a different aspect of the subject.
When preparing your website use error free and complete HTML code. There are lots of useful hints in the web how to produce good HTML code. Read more about this there, too.
Your website should be clear and have a simple but complete navigation menu.
It may be wise to have a sitemap that describes each page's content with a short sentence.
Not only for legal reasons you should not forget to prepare a complete contact page or imprint where your readers can learn who you are and how to contact you. This also shows your visitors that you are a serious person doing serious business. It should contain at least these items:
The website owner and editor with a real contact address.
If you run your website for your business there may apply certain legal rules that depend on the country where you live (not where the website is hosted). E.g. the European Community requires a tax id and some more information. Contact your local authorities or your lawyer to learn which information is appropriate and/or required.
Don't use another content related advertisement program on your website beside Google AdSense.
If you think you are well prepared to start you can apply for Google AdSense now by clicking on this banner:

Normally after 1 or 2 days you will receive a confirmation or rejection from Google via email. If your website has been rejected, revise it and try again.


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