How to prevent a user from visiting your blog

In some circumstances, the webmaster of a website wants to block a visitor. Such cases arise when users are performing suspicious activities in their site/bog which can cause great problem to the security and privacy of the website. Fortunately, there is a method to solve this problem

First of all you need a smart IP tracker such as Google Analytics , IP address , Statcounter. Now with the help of those trackers you may come to know when a visitor from where with which IP address visited your blog /site & how long was he toured your website. Now you can download all the logs(as an .xls file) and view your reports. If you find any suspicious , activity take immediate steps. If you are an ad sense publisher then you may send a mail to regarding the activities followed.

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Further, Stat counter has an feature, with which you can redirect particular IP-address(es) to another webpage. This feature is my favorite. For eg., if you want to redirect a person with IP-address 11.111.111. Then you can enter it in stat counter & make a fake page entitled Site under maintenance. This way the visitor can be stopped from visiting your website/blog.

A maximum five IP-Addresses can be redirected using Stat counter.


  1. Very nice.I am inspired by ur blog and created a new blog.

  2. It must be very special circumstances, when the webmaster of a website wants to block a visitor. You are right that webmaster can block users IP. But visitor cas change IP adress of his computer and visit the site.

  3. Here are one link to change - hide IP:
    But there are many ithers programms.

  4. That last option is pretty cool, will really prevent unwanted people from messing around with your work. A shame only 5 IP's can be used, sometimes there are more.


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