Should you Digg or Sphinn it?

The Digg effect, everyone's familiar with it.Just in case you don't know, being brief, it will bring just around 30,000 hits if you somehow get on the first page.But with millions of blogs out there looking for the same, your chances are low unless you are blogging live or have a got an ultra creative post up on your blog.

Sphinn on other hand is a quite new social site out there.Their about page defines it as
A social site for search and interactive marketers. It's designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, discover events of interest and network with others.

In short a BINGO for make money online blogs like Webtalks

Sphinn uses almost the same scripts as digg and has nothing new as a social site but it's biggest advantage is its topics.For digg, if I have to submit a article about Google AdSense, I dump it in the Tech Industry News section.Fortunately, Sphinn has a special directory dedicated to AdSense itself.

Sphinn doesn't receive much traffic as digg does but you can take it to your advantage.A post I submitted 28 hours before still is in the upcoming section page #2.If it would have been digg, my post was nowhere to be found after a day even in the deepest directory's upcoming page.

To get into the homepage of digg, you need around 800 + diggs but for Sphinn , 40 Sphinns will do the job

I tried submitting the most popular post on Webtalks so far, the New Blogger Templates one, to both the sites.The results are:
I got 10 hits from digg and 3 diggs
I got 13 hits from Sphinn and 4 Sphinns plus the story is still on the second upcoming page so I expect more.
The post is live on Sphinn here and on Digg here.So its your turn to digg or give it a Sphinn

For me, I'll chose Sphinn most of the time along with Stumbleupon[My Profile] but I won't forget to digg if I've got an extraordinary story.


  1. Dear Ashwini, thanks for the tips. I think you should also consider Twitter and Gooruze as well, Guy Kawasaki make a good post about how to maximize the Twitter effect. but for me Stumble Upon is still the best great way to bring traffic. The difference is, if you bring traffic from sites like digg or Sphinn, you'll get traffic who actually interest on your article, while stumble upon is more like a surprise visit to your blog.

    But, I found Digg locals are rude, i once digg an article, get 16 shitty comments and as paradox, i made it popular by getting 800+ diggs. I also see the latest how to advertise yourself tips from Mashable which get around 400 diggs and 20+ shitty and rude comments. So, i think if you considering digg to bring traffic, you need to be stupid as an added value to make it popular at digg + of course, an extraordinary article.

    Thanks again.


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