Anything new?

Quite a few things have been happening in the blogosphere.I'll just sum them up.

Today's Blog Action Day when bloggers write to promote environment.My contribution is today I wrote a poem on a chart for my class soft board on Nature title "leisure" by William Henry Davies.Its a good one.

AdSense team has blogged about a quality control over the inventory by placing a restriction for publishers monetizing Displaying non-Google referrals.In this case, you'll just earn a little less than the price you get for a successful conversion for the first few times, after which you'll earn normally.If you don't display Google AdSense referral 2.0 ads, its out of your business.This happened just a few hours after I received my first successful conversion :)

Webtalks has been experiencing a poor posting frequency over th past few days.The reason is here.I was busy with the launch of another Tech Blog, And now I'm proud to announce that we just launched the Ashtech Blog (Go grab the RSS).Reason, Wordpress is a much better blogging platform for tech-savvy bloggers like me.While Webtalks will continue its normal routine on the same *.blogspot subdomain , I will be joined by my classmate, Harshyt Goel at the Ashtech Blog.Harhsyt has got some writing skills.He previously used to blog at the Review Blog.Check out the Blog now!

Google Pagerank gave a so called teaser trailer on 13 October.All sites reporting changes have got a low pagerank than their previous ones while some are complaining about their non-involvement in link business.Webtalks remained unaffected with this partial update.It looks like Google are really after it.Some folks are saying about a new algorithm change, When I searched for it, I concluded it was the Orion algorithm which Google bought a 17 months before from an Australian Scholar.Going by the data, I think the Quarter 4 export should happen by the end of October but this time its not going to be exciting as Google have tested our patience upto an extent from where no excitement about the next export is left.This teaser update was a big enough news to get a Sticky Post on DP forums.

Remember Top 100 Make Money Online list by Jason Blanton a has made a list of feeds of all top 100 blogs right in one post.It must have been a painful task.You can also check out The Webtalks feed there somewhere in the middle.Advertisers maybe this is a good opportunity for you.


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