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With Google reducing pagerank of sites selling links (Eg .Stanford Daily) the Link business has a got a big threat from it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Google is strictly against paid links or in Google terms “selling PR” .Probably, this is the reason why the Pagerank export hasn’t happened for over a five months now. But the subject of our today’s post is about another Web service called TNX which lets advertisers buy links and thus improve search engine rankings and publisher generate revenue from his site by selling links, but in a different manner with a mission to
  • Assist website owners in attracting targeted visitors and clients from search engines and relevant websites.
  • Reduce the dependence on search engines.
  • Improve quality of the search results for those websites that join TNX system.
  • Increase the income of every webmaster who joins TNX system.
    The working
TNX combines the benefits of Contextual Advertising, Text Link Brokers and Relevant Exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links.
It’s a bit easy to speak these lines but the folks at Tnx have done their best to give the desired results. Search Engines like Google want high quality relevant back links for higher Search engine ratings.
TNX allowes publishers to sell links from each page on their website, and for advertisers it allowes to buy millions of links from other sites in few clicks. TNX is a convenient tool that allowes publishers and advertisers to save time, efforts and money: in just a few minutes you can have thousands of links from hundreds of high quality relevant sites linking to yours.

All links are direct, they are located on main pages and inside pages that are also very important. Ads are displayed mostly on well-noticeable spots so they can attract visitors.
The system can be used to promote main page of the advertiser's site as well as inside pages.
Site publishers can not only use to earn money, they can also use it to promote own websites by taking advantage of our system as an advertiser (balance in the system is unified).

The point system
TNX is probably the first monetizing web site using the point system.Its a very complex , so I tried sorting out a bit.
If you are an advertiser, you can buy 20,000 points with 20$ (1,000points = 1$)
With these 20,000 points you can buy static links for a month on (subject to availability)
- 20 000 different PR0 pages from different websites (1point/link)
- 400 different PR1 pages from different websites (50points/link)
- 200 different PR2 pages from different websites (100 points/link)
- 100 different PR3 pages from different websites (200points/link)
- 40 different PR4 pages from different websites (500points/link)
- 20 different PR5 pages from different websites (1,000points/link)

Lets take, you have a got a PR 3 blog and Want to sell 5 of its links. Selling it directly to advertisers would require a lot of effort and luck too.Instead,you will get 1000 points /month in your account . Then you have got a choice, buy targeted links from other sites with the points you earned or sell the points to Tnx itself. The price for 1000 points is 0.63 $ currently but it has an weekly inflation of 2 % .So far you earned only 0.63 $ for the links but here, the key lies here:

The Bonuses
For whatever site you sign up and get approved, you’ll get 7000 points as a bonus if you signup now.Now, head off to the DP forums post, paste your ID and get 2,000 more points in your account.Note:Offer for a limited period.

Which makes the tally:1,000 + 7,000 + 2,000 = 10,000 points = 6.3 $
An Impressive 6.3 dollars by no extra efforts

A newly launched affiliate program is just as interesting...
When you bring a new webmaster to the system, you will receive 13.3% of all "TNX-points", he/she will earn in the future (a reward for referring an advertiser is also available). This amounts to almost half of the system's commission! Interest is paid for the lifetime.

Example: When you refer a webmaster to TNX and advertiser pays 100 TNX-Points for a link on your referral's website, your referral (webmaster) gets 75 points and you get 10 points which is 13.3% of his income.No bans , no restrictions, No over changes makes this program a stand out.Text Link Ads referral is a high paying one but how many advertisers/publishers get approved in it to bring you the commission? For me, 1 out of 100* referrals of Text Link Ads gets approved.Google AdSense has some restrictions over promoting the referral products.This program has much scope from the referral point of view for bloggers which doesn't has a wide influential audience.

Its good that they have worked on the minimum site requirements page so that Webmasters can come to know how to increase their chances of getting approved.

In addition to the criteria (number of visitors, PR) we also look at the following:

- site’s idea. There is a huge number of sites in the Internet, and each of them was created for a certain purpose. We want the sites participating in our network to be created for people and not for search bots.

- design, navigation simplicity. We would rather accept a site with plain white background without any graphics rather than a site with irritating composition of sharp colors, blinking banners and dozens of buttons on pages.

- actual and unique content – is the main criteria for an Internet project’s success. Without it the site will become invisible for search engines that might decide that it’s just a mirror of another site.

- domain name. The best names are resonant and short, easily rememberable. We prefer second level domains COM, NET etc.

- site’s theme. We do not welcome entertainment-erotic sites, sites about earnings, pyramids, etc.

- lack of forbidden methods of promotion of site in search engines (for example, link bank, because search engines can delete such sites at any time as soon as they find a violation).

Security:This site wins it here.Google is strictly against paid reviews, and if you perform a quick site search on Google with for lets take John Chow Dot Com, you'll see the inventory right in the search results.Once you are caught by a Googler, you are the next John chow.TNX doesn't reveal all details of the link selling site to the advertisers , so now the Webmasters can sleep freely

Tip for TNX owners:Give ready made widgets that are compatible with most of the blogging platforms as of current Php, only supported by Wordpress is mandatory.

Conclusion:TNX system has tried to innovate the Link Buying /Selling market.A service newly launched and has got 27,646 users already.If you want to earn some bucks by selling links, are lazy, fear of Google, don't get direct advertisers then TNX is the right choice for your blog

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