Widgetbucks outperforms AdSense

WidgetBucks, a newly launched monetizing service is these days gaining popularity as a worthy AdSense alternative.Officially, you can call it that WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help their customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Thus they are highly engaging, which means instant dollars for our customers.

I was keen to know how it performs on my blog.I implemented a skyscraper few days back, and the results, well, it outperformed AdSense who had that spot before.The 25$ sign up bonus adds spice to the whole program.

The Ads had a visitor attracting animation but unfortunately, the loading of this blog got double.I wasn't alone in this problem.Soon they announced fast loading widgets.Though, its better now but still below perfect.Soon, they came up with a new format, 300 x 150 which perfectly flushes in my sidebar.The loading time is now half of what it used to be earlier.The new format is more compact and a visitor magnet and the results say speak of it.

I don't think so that running Widgetbucks widget alongside AdSense should have any problems but you can confirm so by the AdSense support.I have already shot them an email but I don't know why, they take about a month(sometimes even more) to reply.

Lets draw a fair bit of Conclusion
  1. I like their animation,visitor appeal
  2. 25$ sign up bonus.
  3. Payments by Paypal
  4. Active support
  5. Referrals embedded in normal ads
  6. High eCPM
  1. Loading time.Though they have worked upon it, still it needs improvement.
  2. Limited Formats
  3. Payments are sent 45 days after you cross minimum payout,i.e 50$
  4. Referral program.You don't have an estimate how much can you make by referring a blogger
Google does their bit of part
Google axed Widgetbucks from their normal indexes, though they still show up in the sponsored links section.Probably, because earlier Widgetbucks widget, when running without Javascript used to have a hidden link to the Widgetbucks homepage.But Bidvertiser has the same kind of referral tools and they have never been penalized.

So, has a fire broken out at the Googleplex?


  1. I haven't reach the minimum payout yet. Hopefully I will earn some money from my referrals to meet the minimum payout.

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  3. have a look at this page..

    here is a comparison between widgetbucks and adsense..


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  5. Just give this a little time and the profit might increase, but remember that the money depends on the amount of people that click on the banner and that is out of your control as well.


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