Site Report for August

Welcome to this month's edition of site report.From today onwards, I'll publish a site statistics and blog income report on the 1st of each month.So today's September, so here's the report


According to analytics, We got round 10,000 impressions with around 6,000 unique visitors.Are top referral sources were


Blog Income Report

Adsense 30$
Kontera 2$
Text Link Ads{aff. prog.} 25$
Template business 20$
Money4banners aff. prog 10$
Other 3 $

Which adds up to 90${actual figure{89.7 $}

And one day, While checking my referral sites, I got some cool view.Who says we don't follow Google?



We need writers...

We are one of the fastest growing weblogs.Advertising here won't give you nuts as we are expecting a high PR with 800 back links, Technorati rank of 800{we are going fast} and are continuously getting a better rank by Alexa. 

As of now, the prices listed are very low indeed, because the PR update happens, I'll have quite a few direct advertisers.You can check How to advertise on Webtalks

Also, I'm going to give Adsense Ad unit, right in top of sidebar for direct sales.Once the PR update happens{ok ok I know its very late , but if it isn't exported till  mid September, I'll go for advertising with this PR only}...



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