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Thank you so much Charles Lau for reviewing Webtalks visually and that too free of cost! Charles Lau has an excellent screen casting software called HyperCam 2 with which he reviews the sites.Its really an awesome experience to watch how do my visitors behave when they visit the blog.Enjoy the 10 minutes video below.Infact, this is not the end he must have spent long time typing about Webtalks too, roughly about 400 words.To be frank, even I couldn't have done it that well.

Jealous? Your blog too can have a decent video review but you need 10 paypal bucks from Charles.More details
But from my opinion its worth more than that!

We love you Charles Lau!


  1. Thanks! I have received your love... It's so touched to share love everywhere.. It feels great to hear from bloggers their feeling after I have reviewed them... :)

    I wish to thank you so much for advertising my video review on your blog. :)


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