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I was a bit surprised to see a Review Me review application (I normally receive from sponsored posts & smorty).Coming back to the review, this review is about another review site called Online casino blue book which has reviews on Top 10 Online Casino Sites.Being inexperienced in Casino business,I will review the field in which I am good at


The Webmaster I think, has used Macromedia Dreamweaver for designing this site.It has a simple all text design.I think a site of this kind needs a design makeover from a quality Web Designer.There are few cheap ones out there.They may also consult a Logo designer as there present logo is of text and a such a wide used site requires to have its own trademarks.The above screenshot has been took by using Mozilla Firefox.However the border colors change while in IE.Why so? 40% net suers are using Firefox.The Firefox/IE problem would be for sure solved by a good designer

This website loses it here also.I can see 4 links from the homepage pointing towards the contact page which creates a 'mess' on the homepage.Adding to this, there is a huge sidebar 'blue' space in the center of the sidebar from the Inter Casino banner.I was pretty satisfied to see a HTML site map at least.

This site has some loose ends.There are many spelling errors and few pages haven't been updated yet.For example, the homepage footer consists of a statement " Please read are casino Disclaimer and Privacy Policy."Some pages still contain 2006 copyright message

This site has a good amount of links pointing towards it.
Google:2,3450 but,
Alexa Rank:779,237
Seeing the huge difference in Alexa rank and no. of backlinks,I suspect that few of the links are paid (this one's gonna be added next time)

Online Casino Bluebook has so far reviewed many services out of which Inter Casino has been adjudged the best.

Online Casino Bluebook can be helpful if you want to know & compare gambling sites.This site includes Casino News,Casino Directory,Casino Reviews along with gambling sites.

*This is a Paid Post*


  1. hey nice post are you are professional online casinos reivewer?

  2. No Caesars Palace but a Palace Nonetheless

    I’m a regular at Caesars Palace. I go there a few times a year to enjoy some unadulterated gambling fun.
    The thing is that I live in Jersey and trip is a killer in terms of airfare and hotel accommodations.
    I know what most of you must be thinking right about now, that Atlantic City right at my door step I can save some money by staying close to home.
    Seriously? Give me a break; when is the last time you have been to AC? This place is as desolate and creepy as the Coney Island boardwalk
    (excluding the Nathan's hotdog stand- I love that place). My point is that you can compare the 2 experiences by any stretch of the imagination.
    Recently, I have a friend living in the UK who told me about an online casino called Golden Palace. Since he is also a big fan of Caesars Palace,
    I take him at his word. He says that the software is so realistic that it almost makes up for the fact that there are no cute
    cocktail waitresses around wearing short skirts. He says that if he was given the choice
    between AC and Golden Palace online casino he would have opted to stay home and gamble online.
    Pretty hilarious if you think about it.   


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