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Ever visited John Cow dot com ? What I say about them is that they are creative instead of a ripper.Just because of there creativity, they were featured on many high profile blogs like the link building blog. Now you got the reason why, all successful make money online blogs have evil marketings behind them...

One more interesting fact is that this is the first blog that I read ahead of John chow dot com and infact I am writing this post ahead of the review of john chow dot com for winning A LCD monitor.Sounds

John Cow is a blog on making money online and rank #29 in the top 100 make money online blogs without any PR!

Actually this post is for an entry into their $500 cash giveaway contest whose deadline is the end of September.If you too are interested in earning big bucks you only have to write a post of 200 words like this one, link to with the anchor tag Web Hosting,and a link back to the contest post.

Thats real Making Money Online!

What will I do with the amount?

If I somehow get that cash, I'll save it. I have a target of buying a notebook (Laptop) for myself within a few months with my blog income. I currently work on a HP pavilion out of date computer and would be really happy if I can myself a Laptop with the money I earn online.

I'll register myself a beautiful .com domain.A sub domain turns away most advertisers so I think a 10$ unique domain will be much more advertiser friendly.Not to mention , I've thought of cow friendly address.

#2(30$) I'll buy a premium Web Hosting Plan for the next two years and set up a self hosted blog there.I really need one! Blogger has limited features...Wordpress themes will let me add the moo flavor in it.

#3(100$) A million Euro Wiki page please!Its getting popular and I'm in the race for the ***** keyword(why shall I tell you the keyword?)

#4(250$) I'll be one of the sponsors of John Cow dot com.To get targeted cows in my farm

#6(3$) Fresh & Healthy Daily Milk for me.John Cow exclusive

#7(100$) Get myself a cheap design makeover with the cow touch.

#8(7$) Set up a 'moo-welfare association' for encouraging sites to be cow friendly and we'll send them traffic!

John Cow dot com recently went under a design makeover and what I said after viewing it for the first time- "Moo-lah" .The Mad Cow effect!


  1. What will they think of next!

  2. Hi Ashwini,
    I have visited John Cow dot com, they are very creative.Even i like creativeness very much.

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