Integrate Live Writer with New Blogger{Beta}

Recently, as many of you must be knowing, I've started publishing via Windows Live Writer on my Blogger.It saves me a lot of time, as I am using a slow Internet connection.somebody advised me to use Live Writer, so I downloaded it.Since its downloading there has been many glitches until its finally installed.I was looking for help on web but didn't get how to sort it out.So I am writing this post to provide a quick and easy guide how to make Live Writer work with New Blogger {Blogger beta}

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install it
  3. Done !

It wasn't although these two steps involved some glitches, I'll point out some solutions of common errors

  • Windows Live Writer requires the latest .Net Framework {above 1.1}.You can download ver. 2 from here[Size 22.5 MB]
  • Windows Live writer requires latest Windows Installer.Can be downloaded from here

These all steps will finally run your installation but after some time, you'll get stuck up some where it asks you the Remote posting URL, and when entered , it says you are unauthorized

This can be passed by :

  • First you get this page.Fill in your blogspot blog URL, you blogger username {with email} and then your blogger password


  • Click on Edit Proxy Settings,Fill up the the information as shown .Leave proxy address field blank


Click on Apply button.Then proceed

This will lead you to a page,from where it starts downloading your blog layout & content.Hopefully,There will not be any errors there onwards

If it still asks for a feed-id, your feed id is you blog ID only and can be found when you write a post in blogger, you get a line in URL box such

Where my blog ID is 2098914940539760194 which also acts as my feed id and looks something like this


  1. when posting from WLW to blogger i am getting following error

    Blogger server error.
    Server Error 0 Occurred

    java.lang.Exception: RPC handler object "blogger2" not found and no default handler registered

    WLW to wordpress is working find..

    Please provide me the solution.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the tip. works for me!
    :: rk

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  4. Just like most Windows stuff it has more setbacks than actual help. Too much work to do to install a simple writer. Windows sucks big time.

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