When your server is down...

Recently, My ISP's server crashed.That was the reason I couldn't update this blog.Connecting to even twitter was impossible.As I am a blog addict (and many of you are), I was frustrated.So I thought instead of complaining after every 5 minutes, lets utilize the time as I have already ensure that the new server would be installed soon.Below are few things I did offline

Take a Break
You've blogging daily for a week or even a month or maybe even a year.Taking a break from blogging and enjoying the environment will keep your mind fresh.This will automatically result in fantastic post ideas coming in your brain

Be neat
My room's a mess.It was stinking very badly until I spent a whole day in it.Now I'm feeling good, comfortable and enjoying my time in my room.

Upgrade your system
Offline for 5 days meant I have installed some cool software.I've also upgraded to Vista.I have upgraded my Live Writer and I'm publishing through it for the first time.I'm getting more productive as Live Writer is saving a lot of time and I can now publish at least a post daily even with a dial-up


Get Creative
I've learned some cool Web 2.0 effects on Photoshop and have created some standard size logos.You can view one of them below.Also Now I'm giving Webtalks a new look as the current theme looks crappy in 800 x 600 resolution.A sneak peak can be found here.Don't worry I'll give the current as well as the new template for download once I'm done


The more you read, the more your vocabulary gets better.I've recently read Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows literally for the hundredth time, but this time reading each and every word by enjoying it!and don't forget you too can win a copy of HP and Deathly Hallows in the upcoming competition.

Now that you have enough time, spend some planning a strategy for its promotion etc.I have thought that I will advertise on many other blogs.More information coming soon 

These tips are particularly for Indians and I think, I don't need to tell you why.


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