iPhones- the most wanted amongst techies

These days iPhones are popular amongst techies.Even I want one, but as it is, it has not been launched in India yet.Moreover,the price tag with it make me sweat as blog income is only around 80$/month .How about winning a one in a simple blog contest?I have come across two of them, which gives you are free iPhone if you win

  • First one is being organized by AskReaMoar.All you need to do is link to his blog homepage, contest page, and any article authored by him which you like the most.Deadline for entering is August 31 .I didn't visited his blog before so I went over to the top posts and read over is Harry Potter and the Root password post, and enjoyed, as I too am a crazy potter fan.

What will make me win?
Be creative, socialize your post as much as possible and count your luck{though I think cow is dominating with his milk}

As far as creativity is concerned, she already has given 3 examples pics.I have recently learned some Web 2.0 effects.So I had my brush up in photoshop and the result is displayed below

And a cool Web 2.0 image from my side

  • Second, organizer is Mr. Gary Lee. All you need to link to his homepage, with keyword "Internet Marketing",a link to BunkersParadise.com with keyword "Golf Equipment" and the last link to Pinkdeals.com , using keyword "Online Coupon Code".Its good to see that he has his own promotion banner{no more photoshop job for me}

  • Third, Buzzpatrol is offering another one.Though there are many ways to enter the contest, I'll just give a linkback with the keyword "Entertainment News"

There are many other competitions too being held, but why to give each and every a free linkback?


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