Why Updating Blog on Sunday makes sense

Sunday,a holiday..Almost all regular probloggers hate updating their blogs on Sunday.They prefer taking a break.But at the same time we, part time bloggers are free from their regular jobs.Over the last few days, I have observed that my traffic dips on Sundays.Reason being, even I used to take a break.


To maintain,my traffic I planned to post on Sunday .And the result, I get the regular traffic.


This traffic I was sure, would go to a major blog if it would have been updated.Not only this, most teenagers and the ones who are taking higher education are most of time online on Sundays which sometimes also gave a boost to my traffic from search engines like technorati.who ranks according to freshness.

You may write a whole post just before the week end and then post on sunday with which you'll enjoy both the things.

Adding to this, when I post on sunday, and any reader of mine opens his account on monday, he'll first of all read my feed.Also, Google almost crawls my site daily.If I post on sunday , and Google Crawler{who doesn't take a break} indexes it, by monday, I'll hit the top shacks on Google before any major website does and then I'll enjoy targeted traffic.

So, today's Sunday, hope you'll read this on Monday and then post next Sunday.


  1. GREAT ADVICE ... Glad to see someone is cracking the code!



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