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Do you have a mobile version of your blog?No. This was the most voted answer in a poll a conducted by me for all bloggers. Let us suppose you have got a mobile with Internet connectivity{might be with GPRS}. You want to browse through your favorite blogs. A default mobile browser {like Opera for Nokia} removes all the style elements from the weblog to make it easily viewable in mobiles.I was not too pleased with the kind of page is displayed of my blog without CSS.I was looking for a service that lets me customize my mobile blog page.Then, someone from the Feedm8 team shot me an email about their service.


Feedm8 lets you create a mobile page hosted on their domain to with easy customization.It displays my {summarized} blog feed instead of the complete page which displays only desired information.You can also change the text , link color...


You can earn money from RSS in two ways

1.Feedvertise or monetize via Post Level Ads provided by Text Link Ads.This is only for wordpress self hosted blogs.So others loose

2.mobile_thumb4_thumbGet a enormous Feed count on Feedburner and participate in the Feedburner Ad network.

As you can see both of them aren't quite as of now so only way of RSS monetization is Feedm8 Publisher Network.It supports Blogger{formerly beta},Wordpress ,TypePad, Myspace.

It lets you display ads on the mobile version of  your blog.An easy way! Though I haven't started earnings  yet, because I haven't promoted it yet.

Moreover it has also got an affiliate program with a decent paying scale, try it out here

So If you are mobile surfer, point towards and enjoy your time.Even if aren't surfing it with mobile... you'll get a mobile interface , can anyone tell me which model is it?


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