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100 posts This is the 100th post of our weblog, Webtalks.Webtalks began its journey on Feburary 27, 2007 and in just about 7 months, I'm writing the hundredth post of this weblog.Webtalks isn't in any of the major blog network.Moreover, My starting budget was 0$.So I didn't advertise ,the blog took a lot of time to get a decent rank and a distinct name in the blogosphere.Still, there is a long way to go.I still remember the day, when somebody offered me 20$ for buying my blog and I almost said yes until my sister advised me to be a bit patient and I'll earn triple of that amount in a month.Remember,your hardwork pays and I was quite sure that my hardwork is not worth 20$.

But the real motivators were you, all readers reading this blog via RSS, all visitors reading this post on blog, all 2600 blogs which considered linking to me , Search Engine bots like Googlebot who puts my content on their indexes and gives me some visitors, Google's technology which gave away a PR of 3, and rest of my online friends who guided me.

Well that seems something like a vote of thanks.If you are a new blogger, you'll find it interesting that I earned only about 5 $ in my first month, but now I earn about 30$  to 40$ {not good enough though} .It was the patience that led me forward.To be honest, Adsense gives only 20 % of my total earnings.Sites like Text Link Ads have fascinated me with their affiliate program.From this month onwards, I'll give you monthly income report at the starting of a new month so that you can plan from my experience.And don't forget,  something is hidden in this post

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