Webtalks is changing

If technorati can have two design makeovers, Google simultaneously testing its Web 2.0 Design why can' your {expected} favorite blog, Webtalks have something special ? Today, 2 June Webtalks have gone through its first design makeover.

Possible Reasons
  • I felt embarrassed when I used to design templates for others and keep a simple one for my blog
  • I was terribly bored with it
  • Sidebar continued to drop despite efforts in IE 6
  • Too messy!
  • My Summer break has started !

So now don't be shocked to see some mind-blowing or some rubbish{depends on point of view} things

New features added
  • A rating option for each post
  • Planned: Summarized posts
  • IS a New blogger Xml Template.
  • No Buggy ads between posts { in main page]
  • A bit neat and no sidebar dropping in IE

Don't worry, you too can have a new blogger Xml template like this, or even more cool from here


  1. I feel You've got it -right- now.
    I would suggest moving into a custom domain(Rs.400/-) and just using the google hosting services.
    I read your feed everyday :)

  2. Hi Sir

    Nice to see the new template.

    I am a terribly newbie blogger but I want to put this across.

    Why custom domain or google apps functionality is not used ?

    How do I use your kind of xml templates if I use ftp publishing?

    Your feed address is incorrect

    it should be http://feeds.feedburner.com/web-talks

    The "S" is missing

    Thats it



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