The riddle is Solved

Today is the day for me giving you the second hint for solving out the riddle in our first riddle contest. But the riddle was already solved by the webmaster of tech4novices 24 hours before. If you missed it, here’s how to solve it
The three repeating alphabets were from my name{Post Author}
Now give numbers to alphabets
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
T h e c a s h . f i n o

Now arrange these alphabets in order
5 6 7 1 3 4 2 9 10 8 11

Which Gives

But may be you lost a golden opportunity. But don’t lose heart. I will continue such contest(s). And the next being on 25th of June .So make sure you visit Webtalks on regular basis.

Now as per promise the blog review…

Tech4novices,authored by Nauzer Elavia is a blog published via FTP and hosted on a custom domain.With
  • Good use of Feedburner Roatating Headlines
  • Started on May 20

  • Using Minima white HTML template which suits 800 x 600 Screen Resolution
  • Possibly using Google Apps.

Adsense above the posts is of half banner size. You can stretch it a bit which makes it of banner size and banners support image ads too which in turn can give better CPM{Cost Per Thousand Impressions}

On the main page of your site, there are two current posts lists[one in sidebar using the mainpage conditional tag].one is enough

Organize yourself well. On the footer of your blog, Much space is wasted between a Text link and an image. Only Creative Commons Icon will make it look better{You can shift rest to sidebar}

In my rules, I declared that only one person would be rewarded but as this was the first contest, the runner up {gets a free link} is Shiva from crazyblog

Wait-Wait this is not the end
Another special prize:

I received ~ 15 answers which pleased me so here it is your reward. You all will get a review just like the one above on special discount price. And I mean a real discount. Revieme won’t let me do reviews less than 60 $. Well I think the price is just too high
So here it is 60$- 55$ = 5 $.

I think 5 $ is a reasonable amount for a blog review{Includes link back, Adsense placement, Content..}.
But this offer is only valid till 2 July after which my Summer Break is getting over. So hurry !
I am accepting payments through paypal.{If you have a credit card but no PayPal account, you can sign up .Its free!}
So if you are interested, Click on Get Reviewed button right below, or wait some days, when I’ll put up a link the sidebar.


  1. Thanks for the review post on !
    This is a great recognition for me :)

    However I am not using google apps for the blog as I cant use ftp. I am using

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    Blog - Custom Domain & FTP/SFTP feature combined.

  2. huhuhu... can i get the code templte of your blog? i like it! Thanks...

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