Why I do not shift to a custom domain

If you are seriously engaged in blogging, it is always recommended to have your own domain and preferably Wordpress hosted on it.Many Internet friends and some blogging professionals recommended me to have my own domain.Webtalks is making enough bucks for me to buy hosting and a domain for it.I'm a big WP fan and I too want to join the self hosted Wordpress community.Still there are few reasons that restrict me

  • Domain Age.With the blast of links everyday towards this blog (say thanks to templates), I believe Google will put this blog in the Sandbox.Since I'm currently on Blogger, Google counts the domain age of blogspot.com which well is a pretty old one(1999).
  • Time.As a student it isn't easy to come online everyday.Which leaves me with two alternatives.Either sell off my blog like Rishi did or keep the posts on blogger till I pass out.I'm not comfortable selling this blog as this is connected to my Google Account.So keeping it live on Blogger is the only option(Don't say that I can also delete the blog).
  • Hosting.Though many web hosting providers promise 0% downtime, still there is a risk.On blogger, I haven't yet encountered any downtime for this blog.Blogger currently gives undisclosed bandwidth to its blogs, so no problems how much traffic I receive when I'm absent
The shift will definitely take place
You read it right.I will for sure move Webtalks to a custom domain.All I can currently tell you is that you'll have to wait a bit for it.I believe by May 2010.Yes I know its long after.But I will continue posting on Webtalks when I'm free.I had already bought a domain (ashtech.info) back this summer.But afterwards I came to know (.info) domains are full of spam, so next time I'll buy a (.com) only

I'm currently looking for a good domain name (.com). If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them in comments.By 2010, I hope it will gain some age and then we'll shift Webtalks to it.

During this period I will go through intensive studying as these 3 years will be determining for my career.If you are an Indian you would be quite familiar with IIT-JEE which is what I'm going to be preparing for.But still I need wishes from all you for cracking IIT isn't possible without your blessings.

Will miss you all.


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  2. Hey i had appeared for JEE in 05 and missed the screening by one mark :(
    I was better for mains compared to the objective screenings but it didn't happen :D
    Any ways best of luck :) and I had not expected that you will be so young!

  3. I love your blog, I can say its awesome. I have stumbled and review your blog on stumbleupon. Cheers

  4. You can buy domain name directly from Google... Transition will be extremely smooth, blog will be hosted on blogger itself, just the URL will change, near 100% uptime from blogger and you can shift back to blogspot anytime...

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  7. u r blog is really gr8 and all the best for u r iit jee exams.
    i am new to blogging and get a lot stuff for blogging tips from u r blog
    thanks dude.

  8. Hello Ashwini,

    I have the same problem as you. I would like to shift my www.stockweb.blogspot.com to my own domain. But there are a lot of problems. The biggest is loosing all backlinks which I gained. I received HyperWebEnable offer as well. But I am afraid there is some trick behind.
    What do you think?


  9. You should, if you can afford it. How much did pizza.com sell for?

  10. You should. how much did pizza.com sell for?

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  12. Its better to have your own domain + blog..

  13. I agree get your won domain name.



  14. Looks like you started blogging pretty young :) Yep, I'd agree that letting the domain have age on it's side before you shift your already profitable blog to it makes more sense and 2010 isn't all that far if you are preparing for IIT.Goodluck Ashwini!

  15. this is a very nice blog and i did learn a lot from your blog. i am going to try the new template design modification tht u mentioned and let you knw how it worked. i am also planning for a domain for my blog which is 2 years old.
    GOOD LUCK with your IIT exams.
    God Bless.

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  103. Is the debate still open on the Google sandbox, then? I thought it had been put to bed - the sandbox doesn't exist, right? Or wrong?

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