John Chow - Blog Review

"Make Money Online" what a keyword targeting tactic! Just because of this keyword john chow dot com receives atleast 150 unique visitors a day that too only from Google

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money. If you review his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a lot of traffic.

John chow has been recently an internet celebrity not because he earns 12,000$ but he is featured at Leo Laparte.

Google has already issued a yellow penalty card that means has will not be featured on the firt SERP for popular searches just because of his overloading link bait

Interestingly, all other search results for john chow showed that publishers are celebrating when Google penalized him but to the rescue, until he receives a red card from from Google there are 100% chances that he will be back. Infact two of his unique words mogul and ramblings can be found in many blog's description

coming back to the review, John chow dot com was started by john chow to write down all of his thoughts {ramblings} and especially about making money online. So he tried to monetize hs owb site to set up an example. Today, John chow earns 12,000 $ a month out of which only 1000$ is from adsense. This shows us that how can we earn more 90 %.

Besides writing about money making, john chow loves to share his thoughts. Recently, he had a visit to Computex 2007 Taipei and his blog covered most of it.


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  2. Google penalized him but to the rescue, until he receives a red card from from

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