Its all in the URL and title

I recently conducted a small survey across the google searches and concluded some interesting things:

Say we are searching for the most blogged person of 2006 - "Harry Potter"
The first result comes out to be Actually harrpotter dot com auto matically redirects you to this site, transferring all of the google juice to it. Interestingly, backlinks for this site according to Google were some 1,340
and the fun is the site ranked #6 for the same query have sum 2,500 backlinks according to Google. Mugglenet dot com is a fan site of Harry Potter and contains the term Harry Potter in its title too.So why is it ranked below Harry Potter dot com?

1.Dont stuff excessive keywords in your title

Stuffing excessive keywords in your homepage may lead the Google Technology to think that the site is targeting many search terms via title eg. Mugglenet besides targetting Harry Potter also targets, Daniel Radcliffe,Emma Watson , Rupert Grint... wheras Harry Potter dot comtargets only Harry Potter term via Title.Obviously, they'll prefer Harry Potter dot com

2.URL is everything
The most common observation of me is that top rated sites in SERP's have the URL matching with the search term and the first thing you are going to do for your site is choose its URL. you can refer to a note to bloggers by me where I discuss how to choose the best avilable URL for your blog/site

Blogger by default, turns the first five words, separated by hyphens "-" as the post URL.So it is advised that you keep the most important keyword first. Although if you edit your post again and change its title, your Post URL doesn't change which is also termed as Permalink

Also try avoiding the change of your page title as it surely affects your SERP{Search Engine Result Page Rating} not only of Google.

So for that reason, mugglenet dot com should be ranked #1 for term mugglenet and so it is.


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