Adsense referrals 2.0, where the honest earns

Its been a while since google adsense team have officially anounced for their release of adsense referrals 2.0 to all Adsense publishers. While checking my daily totals a tip in green box came that my account has been upgraded to Adsense Referrals 2.0.

I rushed to it as I was eagerly waiting for it.Why?

  • Expanded product inventory: While many of you have had success referring one of our Google products, some of you weren't able to find a product that fit the context of your site. Referrals 2.0 offers products from thousands of AdWords advertisers, so you can find the right ads for your sites.

  • Category and keyword targeting: With thousands of products available, it can be difficult to decide which ads will perform best on your site. That's why we give you the option to refer products by category and keyword. You can narrow down the types of ads you want to display and let AdSense figure out which ones will perform best on your site. Whether you want ads for a specific category, advertiser, or product, referrals 2.0 will give you the control to decide.

  • Ad unit optimization: It can be tricky picking the best ads for your site, so we've included ad unit optimization for referrals. When you create a new referral ad unit, simply select the Pick best performing ads option. We'll then compare your selected ads to other relevant ads, and serve the ads we expect to perform best on your site.

  • Better targeting for pages with multiple themes: With standard contextual targeting, ads may not match up directly with the text around them if there are a number of themes on the page. With referrals, you can select unique “keywords” for each ad unit to narrow the targeting directly to the theme you want. Better targeting means higher earnings for your site.

  • Greater compensation for high-quality traffic: Since referrals are paid on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, your traffic matters. If the traffic you send to advertisers is more likely to turn into a completed sale or lead, you will earn more with referrals.

  • Add your seal of approval: Unlike AdSense for content ads, our program policies allow you to make specific references to referral ads on your site. If you endorse the product that you are referring, feel free to let your users know. By adding your personal review of the products you refer, you can help your users make more informed choices.

And now a very non-geeky version..

1.Relevant Advertisers
I can choose ads and also know their paying price which is not the same for Adsense for Content
2.Let me chose the ad

I can display an image/banner/text referral(subject to availability) of any advertiser I want and can personalise the ads look n' feel.Also the ad doesn't change if the option is unchecked.

if you are a publisher involved in fraud practises like clicking on your own ads, there's not much for you here because here the site visitor will have to do a certain action which is in most cases joining that site/ buying something from them which mean you need to spend a few bucks which frauds can't afford
4.High Paying
I have found a service{can't disclose name} which is agreeing to credit my account with ~60$ if I refer one visitor to use their services.What about that! To be frank I can't earn that much in a month by adsense for content


  1. I added this little tidbit of code to get the adsense block to float inline properly.

    border:0px solid black;margin-top:15px;

    [then the adsense code]

    Check it out in use at

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