Technorati introduces Technorati advanced search

In a short period of time,Technorati have re-designed its website and added / removed some features.The new look has a bit of professional touch in it.Technorati now have added a new part in their family, Technorati Advanced Search

Technorati Search is an advanced version of their previous Technorati Search.What is a new cool feature added to this advanced search is their syndication options.For example, your looking for something about the New design of Analytics, simply advance search it and then subscribe it through your favourite bookmark option.If you are a webmaster, you can subscribe to the backlinks for your URL,so that you do not have to search daily.

Blog authority which gives a pleasant idea about the blog's placement in the blogosphere.They previously displayed a line "XXX links to this URL".Now they have removed it from normal search and have added to advanced search "XXX reactions to this blog"

Something strange I noticed is that when I searched for my back up wordpress domain via normal search, I ended up with a page which was still having the old design and was still displaing the blog rank.

This may be a bug in thier system after all Technorati have been facing many harmful bots in recent days and many publishers were attacked with Technorati Ghosts while sending pings.Technorati have still not removed blog ranks from their APIs

Looks like Technorati is still experimenting with their layout and they have re-added the blog rank.Or maybe they might have read that people are not happy without the blog rank

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  1. I'm done with Technorati:
    They're a media company, not a tech company. There is a reason they can't fend off the evil bots.

  2. When i search for my blog in technorati I get blog reactions as 70 but authority as 1 and no blog posts or tags are shown.
    Can anybody help?

  3. Dear Ashwini,
    Link at the end of this post has error .

    Related:Technorati Blog Reactions not getting updated?

    Please correct.

  4. me too done with technorite and getting lot of visitors...


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