New Google Analytics Design open for all

Yesterday, I got a no-reply letter from Google Analytics team, that they have finally opened the new design for all users which they announced some days back.
On visiting, the first observation I made was that this is the beta version and the previous design is still available who are not comfortable with the new design.
This is the perfect guide/ tutorial for those who want to learn how to use the New Beta Google Analytics design

Still the graphics are awesome and are using the flash player, so it will still take time to load but the good thing is that not everything is in Flash.What I really like about the new design is this hover effect they have on their graphs

The Drag and Drop functionality of graphs is still enabled, something new is the visitor location map like that of Frappr Maps but a bit neat

Something more is traffic sources.I had to previoulsy visit MyBloglog tracker to see from where my visitors are coming.This time Analytics wins it as it is giving each and every real time referral source.And what ads shine to it is the Search Engine keywords that my visitors used.

Another cool feature is the option to add Reports of only one topic, say Keywords to your Dashboards so that it may display only Keyword Graphic and Analytics loads up much faster as you are not loading other graphics which are not useful for you

Adding to this is another tool through which you can customise your reports in customisable graphs.For Example if you want a Pie Chart of all your keywords, just click on the icon and enjoy!

This is not the end, a drop down menu that includes visitor Operating System,Resolution,Colors,Browser.... etc.

This has really takenover Statcounter,unless the visitors don't know how to use Analytics.

Overall Summary::It's going to "dominate" in future
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  1. yup,
    i recently got a new blog,and the analytics things seems to be pretty cool,+ it is better than statcounter as it has better analysis of the blog + i am a big google fan.

  2. i reviewed it earlier than you.
    You can check the date.

  3. wannna get reviewed
    for free...


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