Is PayPerPost the right choice for your blog?

Webtalks reader, Carl, who read my previous article about low adsense earnings of bloggers followed me up via Email for more information on PayPerPost and does his site really need it or not.

PayPerPost lets you do sponsored posts and then earn money at a decent price. A sponsored post will make you earn anywhere between 5 $ to 500 $ depending on the rating of your site. Its almost similar to ReviewMe but a bit more helpful for small bloggers because as it is small bloggers very rarely get an opportunity to get Blog Reviews. For PayPerPost, you need to have a PayPal account.

For a higher rating of your site in PayPerPost, you need to have a high PR and a low Alexa traffic rank. When you have registered your blog, you’ll start getting sponsored post opportunities. This is a terribly good opportunity for small bloggers who don’t make much out of Adsense. I was also planning to start sponsored posts {15 $ per post} in my blog, but when I read their Terms, my mind changed. Why?

  • I have to add a new label call adverts, include all sponsored posts under that and then link to it through each post of my blog. Also, I will have to put a PayPerPost logo after each and every blog post of mine. Too much Self promotion!

  • I have to post three articles per month. What if there is a week called oneweekblogsilence or something else. Currently I have only one guest blogger who will be posting when I’m on leave.

  • Only 1% of my blog traffic will care to read the sponsored article. What if the site traffic ignores the un-sponsored post?

  • Who will like to receive Ads in their Inbox? My RSS feed count will definitely decrease.

  • I cannot play with my pagerank. Google says that a advertiser should always be linked with a NOFOLLOW attribute but the terms of PayPerPost are strictly against it.

But today almost each blogger wants to earn money by blogging. It can be argued that if the main aim of a blogger is to earn, then he shouldn’t worry about the above listed figures. A blogger will get money, what he requires and then more and more bloggers will be enrolling themselves in Sponsored Post sites like payperpost. Then it will be hard to distinguish between Sponsorsed and Orignal Post in the near future.

P.S. I back listed myself from PayPerPost

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  1. I understand your concerns but I do not see any harm if a small footnote is included stating that the post is sponsored. After all the same happens when people plug products on television and no one complains

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