Get connected using Fring

Today is the world of mobility.Everyone would like to be online wherever they go.
You may carry your Laptop along but what abut a Mobile connection that simply makes you connected to PC-based VoIP services such as Skype, MSN Messenger and Google Talk that too at no extra cost.Fring makes it possible

Some of its advantages::

talk and chat totally free over Wi-Fi
no wasted airtime or data charges in public hotspots.

eliminate air-time costs
when calling other fringsters through your data plan, you do not need to pay for voice-air-time.

ability to call landlines
call landlines (and regular GSM) using your SkypeOut minutes.

no need for credit card details with fring
you will NOT receive an invoice from us!

true mobility with multiple PC-based VoIP providers
use fring to keep in touch with your VoIP buddies wherever you go. Skype, MSN and Google Talk all work from your mobile handset.

with fring you don't wait for call-backs
KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) just pick a contact and hit the green button.

no physical limitations with fring
when using your data plan, you do not need a PC or Wi-Fi access point.

Cool isn't it?
P.S. Happy mothers Day


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