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Ever since Dot com Mogul John Chow started is reviewing program and a free link exchange program,this system has attracting more and more bloggers per day.This time the victim is Darrin.Let us see what does he have in store for us...

Darin.CC is a blog about Search Engine Marketing. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog and you could win a Free Nintendo Wii in the process!

How I see it?

Though I find it somewhat similar to johnchow dot com, Darrin has his own taste for things.For I can say that yellow is his favorite color{Anyone could guess that:)}

Its not hosted on wordpress

It is top ranked in most popular blog directories and has a decent alexa rank

Adsense Tip::

Since you are using only one banner on each page, your CPM earnings wouldn't be that high.I recommend you insert adsense around each post so that you can earn through CPM as well and your high traffic doesn't goes a waste.

The second victim is Kevin and he has shown us that we can Win a mascot at
Its not really review but still, Kevin a tip for you.Your black sidebar distracts me a bit from reading the post content.Rest is awesome

Bloggers are continously getting attracted towards the mascot including me, and the result, already about 800 links to his site and still 8 days left.


This last one is not a prize winning one!

Have everything Related to Mobile

Have everything Related to Mobile is a blog which deals with Free Games, Softwares, Themes, and many more for ALL NOKIA PHONE 100% Free Mobile Stuff.

How I see it?
Well optimized blog on blog*spot getting decent traffic using the classic blogger three column template{not using XML template}

Only one

The bookmark option after each post title dose not suite you levels.You can have it below where you have quick search options in post footer.

Adsense Tip
You know I wanted this blog to be an example from where others can get a few ideas about ad positioning

Perfect blending and mixing of ads and Adsense referrals

P.S> the fellow hasn't paid me pore to make me say like this


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