When is Google Page Rank updated?

Ben, a reader of this blog has a blog. He started his journey in the blogosphere in February 2007. He drafted me a mail complaining that he doesn’t have a Google Page Rank as yet. He also mentioned that he is getting many inbound links from other websites with high page ranks. So I went on a survey to find what the reality was.

I took my blog and checked that who links to me from here. I have got a total of 28 msn links, 65 yahoo links but only one Google back link. That is why this blog doesn’t have a page rank yet. This shows that yahoo is the most frequent updater, then msn and last is Google. The Google‘s cache of the page which is linking to me dates back to February 27, just two days after I started this blog. Naturally, my blog wouldn’t have any visitors or back links at that time (It was too new). It is true that Google counts only the pages which have page rank of 1 or more. Now the interesting thing was, one of my favorite blogs, Blogger templates is having a page rank of 7* and is linking to me. Still Google has not indexed the link.

Google Page Rank is an algorithm which calculates the importance of your web page on the basis of Inbound links from other indexed sites.

So we know Google last updated it on 27 February 2007. Google Algorithm was sleeping in March. Possibly the next update will be soon. Experts say that Google Page Rank on the Google toolbar would be updated in the first half of April.

So lets keep our fingers cross and wait to see whether we get Page Rank increased this time or not.

Update:: seochat.com has an interesting future page rank check tool . Try that out

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