Planning to shift to a custom domain?

Do you own a domain? So why to blog somewhere else ? Custom domains enable you to post on a domain via blogging service providers like Blogger , Wordpress etc. I am also plannng to do the same but there are disadvantages too.

My Backlinks and Search Engine ratings would be lost if I shift. Although according to Google, they will divert all the backlinks and SERP rating to the custom domain. But why to take the risk ?

Lets learn from the previous experiences of bloggers.

Insideorkut had a page rank of 7 but when they shifted, they dropped down to zero page rank

Instablok had a page rank of 0 but they shifted , there page rank increased to 4 was initially started with a custom domain only

Another interesting observation of mine is people usually choose a Wordpress powered blog when they shift.Why?

Here I have drawn some conclusions

* Wordpress enables users to upload files wher as Blogger does not have any such options as yet.

*Don't mind , but according to me, Wordpress has some clean and appealing templates.I really like them { Psst... you might get the clue of my new blogger template under progress }

But still this step will involve a lot of risk. Hats off to a 12 year old problogger David who recently shifted at

I am looking forward for buying an domain at GoDaddy but I still need your help. Donate if you wish[See left column ] .


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