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So, Do you want a fresh and unique look to your blogger blog ? I have got something in store for you. Just tell me how you want the template to look and I'll take care of the rest. These templates will definitely fit into your budget. Just tell me how much your budget is... I'll manage the rest. Please note that I am currently accepting only those applications who are paying me. Sorry for those who wanted free templates.A minimum of 50$ budget please.

Just fill out the form below, I'll give you the status, when your blogger template would be finished.

I am accepting payments through PayPal or any Credit Card. For more on payments, you can mail me.

Update:Due to large number of requests I'm receiving, chances are I may not be able to reply.You should still fill up the form so that I can manage the database and do your work as soon as possible.

Email Address:
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  1. Hi, I'd love to get a quote from you for a custom template but I don't have a blog yet and so I can't submit your form....

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