My Site is not updated by Technorati

Technorati, an online directory of blogs, a website that has an collection of all posts, blogs ,tags currenlt present in the blogosphere. It would really be an embarrassing situation when a webmaster finds his blog his blog ranked above 3,000,000. Technorati basically indexes all blogs and their posts whenever they are published on any blogging platform. If you are the owner of a blog, you can claim it by three methods. Claiming gives you advantages of Technorati profiles, Technorati Widgets and Tagging your Website. But recently, Technorati had been followed by a bug which resulted in Technorati missing some blog posts and even complete blogs {including mine} after giving rapid pings too. Most of these problems were faced by webmasters who use blogger. Since I was also the one affected, my stats used to say something like that ::

Title:: Webtalks::You are Welcomed
Links:: 0
Rank:: 3,000,000 +
Last Updated:: 90 Days ago.

Plus it was saying that I haven’t published any post yet

I really felt embarrassed when I found such ranking of my blog. I tried to contact the Technorati Support via mail. But they did not reply me for over 3 weeks. Sometimes there used to be an automated response that I should validate my feeds. But as I am using the blogger platform, I was quite sure that my feeds were valid. When they did not responded my query over a long time, my patience broke and I contacted The Technorati Media Person. Suddenly I discovered hat Technorati have mentioned this problem in their blog post. I found the trick and visited their discussion forum. Their I reliased that Technorati Developers are active responders to the queries made by the Technorati Members. I posted on my problem. The next Day, BINGO! , my blog was updated which now looked something like this.

So its my advice to bloggers who are facing problem like me, Please post your problem on discussion forum at Technorati Support.

Anyways my Technorati Blog Favorites were also affected so you can now re-add this blog as your favorite if you are a Technorati Member.

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For bloggers who want to show off , you can display your Technorati Rank, Purple Moggy has a nice hack


  1. Hi problogger,

    i have same problem as you had have before. my site has only 0 authority even it has 29 links.
    This is what it's look like in tecnorati.

    Rank: 3,227,550(No authority yet)
    Updated: 160 days ago

    i found your problem in their forum so i have complain my problem to them . hope it will solve problem. and my rank will increase.

    thanks for your advise


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