MetaTags For Adsense

Webtalks reader Umesh had some problems with metatags. Metatags are usually used for dynamic content. Such content maybe what robots of Search Engines see when they visit your site. All of the meta tags are placed in the head section of any html or xhtml file. Metatags are commonly used to describe a site, give the site’s keywords, give the site’s coding language, Verify your site in Google Sitemaps. This description comes below the link and Title of your website in Search Engine Result Page. If you want add a description and keywords of your site/blogger blog ,copy paste these codings into the head section of your webpage

Adsense ads on your site are displayed relevant to the content of your site. For more accuracy of these ads, you can choose some keywords which suit your site and place them in the meta tag. Adsense ads then will start getting displayed according to site’s keywords. However Google Adsense will take some time to update their ads. Note that this method is used to refine ads for your website and not a specific webpage. The most accurate method which can refine the ads according to the webpages is by Section Targetting. For enabling this, You have to put two simple code lines in your template. They are
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
Between these lines, you should place the post body.


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