Google Page Rank Updated for April

The long wait is now over.As I hinted in my previous articles, Google Pagerank in Google Toolbar is going to be updated in April and whoila, its updated as expected.

Here are some sites that changed their page ranks in my notice

Webtalks has now jumped from zero to 3
Digital Dreams jumped from 1 to 3 jumped from 7 to 9 slipped from 10 to 9 slipped from 10 to 9

I did some experimenting with my pagerank. let us see the results

I created a temporary page in Google Pages for Blog Reviews. I forgot to put the rel="nofollow" attribute on its link.As a result the page has a page rank of 2 just because I added it into my sidebar

Now the chain of pagerank goes on..

The Review my blog page was linking to two pages,Webtalks{this one only} and another temporary page on googlepages. The second temporary page too got a pagerank of 2. So this gives us hints about Google Technology.

Another interesting fact was that the Google counted sites which were linking to me in April first week,because I am sure that there are many more sites that should have been their in Google's linking index.

On the basis of this information, we can say that the next 'complete' PageRank update will take place on 28 July 2007 and it will count links that are linking as in the first week of July

A link from my site will fetch you pagerank of 2.Google Technology respects those sites which are linking to very few other sites


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