Google Apps referral for US publishers only

Google Adsense Referrals for Google Apps which were anounced on 2nd this month are only for Google Adsense US publishers.
For those who didn't knew about Adsense referrals for Google apps, here are its feautures::

  • Google Apps provides customized email addresses (powered by Gmail), Google Calendar, Google Talk, Docs & Spreadsheets and Page Creator, all for free for your domain. Best of all, everything is hosted by Google, so there's no hardware or software to download, install or maintain.

  • You will be credited $5 when someone clicks the referral ad from your site and signs up for Google Apps with a domain that has not already been signed up for the service.
  • Currently available only in English

Well any Adsense publisher might love this feauture to be on their sites but Google Adsense have put this referral in beta test, meaning that only US Adsense publishers can have them on their website. On being asked their response is that US publishers provide their Social Security Number while Publishers from other countries do not.


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