Blogexplosion violates Google Adsense Policies, is very popular these days as it increases the traffic to your blog or in their words "explode your blog's traffic".Unfortunately it violates one of Adsense Policies. I just confirmed it from Adsense Team that it is not a valid way increasing traffic.According to Adsense Team, no publisher can increase traffic to their blogs by submitting to sites like BlogExplosion.
Banned Publishers have started complaining that BlogExplosion is just a Directory.

No words have been heard from the Blog Explosion Team as yet. Google has not disabled the accounts of all adsense publishers participating in Blogexplosion. Google Adsense , according to me are disabling only those accounts whose visitors clicking the ads are referred through Blogexplosion

So, Beware , if you are an Adsense Publisher partcipating in Blogexplosion


  1. Google would not confirm it was blog explosion to me, but the complained my site was in violation.
    They stopped complaining *only* after I deactivated my site in blogexplosion.

    Google adsense support team communication is a joke - they WILL NOT confirm it was blogexplosion.

  2. Thnks for your informations.....
    anyway... i just now registered blogexplosion
    I rightway deleted the my blog from Blogexplosion...

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  8. Blog explosion sends traffic to my unvisited site.

  9. Wow amazing how can someone made something like that hahah

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