Are you really earning from Adsense?

The sole purpose why I am writing this blog post is because I have received many complaints from fellow bloggers that they do not earn as expected from adsense. Everyday hundreds of bloggers start off their money making expedition with a hope that after few months or years they may be earning high by participating in programs such as Google Adsense.

After few days or weeks most of them leave blogging because they do not earn even a buck. Some may be cheating by clicking on their own ads or asking others to do that or just participating in programs that gives automated clicks. Such bloggers are either “banned” immediately or when they are about to receive their earnings.

When they are banned, they leave blogging. Then, a few honest publishers are left who are literary embarrassed by their earnings even after getting traffic or page rank. Most of them also leave blogging until they are fed-up. Then a few remain who just wait for the day when they would be the next Darren Rowse.

But that’s the truth, you can’t earn living by your Adsense earnings. According to me only few like Darren, Amit would be really making something out of adsense. Both of them have published a post on how much they earn. It goes in thousand’s $ per month.

Even bloggers like Peter Chen are hardly able to make out 200 $ per month which is not acceptable for a comfortable living

Tip:- First make blogging your part time job. When you realize you have got an alexa rank of below 100,000 gear up and be a full time blogger.

But all bloggers have got something in their part from where they can really earn from blogging.

-Start off with a blog.

-Post your content like a reputed teacher even though no one may be reading it!

-Submit your blog to as many blog directories as you can.

-Wait three moths until you get assigned a decent page rank.

Now what you have got is a page rank. Sign up for some other earning programs {like text link ads, pay per post}. If you have got a page rank around 3 or more, you can earn around 10 $ per sponsored post. You can do a sponsored post after every three days. That means you will earn around 40 $ in a week. Which in turn says 200 $ per month! How is that for a part time blogger. Slowly and steadily your site will get popular. More high Page rank means more $’s per post. A page rank five site can have sponsored post of upto 50 $ ! Just imagine !

Or maybe you might be interested in selling off your links?

Blogs like are selling links from their blogs at 300 $ per month that too with a page rank of 4.


  1. Peter Chen could easily do more. The first BASIC change that he absolutely NEEDS is to get a real domain. Subdomains distract lot of people. Then he could consider a better ad placement and the whole template layout. Many of his posts are informative and I've came across his blog numerous times when I was searching, but good information is just 50% of success. He needs to work on the other 50%.

  2. Wise words, actually I started blogging ( with some hope to become a problogger. I had two goals for that the most important one being to show my technical skills online which may be useful for others with useful code, tips, etc and the second aspect is to make something out of blogging.

    Its a win win situation that I learnt a lot about designing a blog, how to code, syntax highlight code, some useful tools, etc and that's the way one should approach blogging as part time.

    Have more than one reason to convince yourself that you are blogging for a purpose.


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