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One of my friend ,Shiva, keeps on asking me about some tips that he requires to drive a much “heavier” traffic to his blog. These tips may also be useful for a newbie in the world of blogging

How to choose site’s url and title ?
Well you need to be careful while doing this. Some complaints have also come that Google Adsense is suspending the websites/blogs that have the term “google” in their URL. Today, there are millions of blogs on blogger, so you won’t get any common name like myblog.blogspot or technology.blogspot . Lets take an example that you need a blog on technology news, here is how to choose it. We will cut short technology into tech. Now we have the first part. Another key thing about search engines is that they take “-“(hyphen) as a space between words. So I tried to test it. I started two blogs and I submitted both to google. After a few days when I searched for “Ashwini Khare” in Google, I saw at the second position but I couldn’t find the other blog .Then I did another search , this time “ashwinikhare” then was there. Hence the above statement verified. So let your blog be tech-digest, tech-space or any other which you like. Also make a quick search on Google with the search term as your blogs “title”. If you find a similar website/blog with a page rank of 4 or 5, change your Title immediately. I also recommend that you choose a short and easy URL to remember.

Have a control over your links
Links are perhaps the most important aspect of your website. If you are having a link exchange with any other site, you must have a visit to where these problems are sorted out. With this you can assure that the person, who is exchanging link and traffic with you is loyal. Some people like Shiva are too impatient about getting traffic and getting indexed by Google and other leading search Engines. To get assured placement in Google you should visit Google Wemaster Central and Submit your site’s Sitemap. The quickest way to get in Google is to have an inbound link from any website that has already been indexed by Google. This statement is quite common in every Search Engine Optimization list. But each webmaster thinks how to have an inbound link? Here is a simple solution. Write your site’s Description , Keywords in a notepad file. Make a banner of size 468 x 80 and upload it on any free image hoster and save the link in your notepad file. Now visit some Blog Directories ( look in left sidebar) and submit your website. Some of them would also want a back-link to their directory from your website. Although you won’t be assigned a Page Rank for that but your blog would be indexed quickly.


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