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* 700,000+ new website sign-ups worldwide

* 6MM+ site previews in a single day

* 200MM+ site previews in the first three months

* Top-tier blog coverage (including TechCrunch, Battelle Searchblog and Wired Monkeybites)

* Adoption by

Some of the milestones achieved by the Snap Anywhere Preview tool
Snap preview tool was launched in November 2006 and has now covered over a billion of websites. Snap preview tool is a tool which gives the visitors of website readymade snapshots of the links in the website when a person hovers over it. These previews come with an inbuilt search engine powered by Snap search. To build your own, you can customize the previews according to the “mood” of your website by customizing its size [small and large] and background color. You can also put a watermark of your website to the previews.

Sometimes people find these snapshots a bit too annoying, so snap it has a solution for it too. You can add an optional preview link such that visitors who want, only get the previews.

Recently, I have also added snap preview tool in my website and if you are really annoyed with it, leave back a comment. You can build and add your snap tool from here or simply copy paste this into the head section of your blog/website.


  1. Snap can be useful but most of the time it is just annoying.

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